Police Officer Spots Sick Bear Cub Stuck On Road And Risks Life To Save Him

With 5000 bears living there, New Hampshire is considered to be a special woodland habitat for bears and was once known as the White Mountain National Park.

One day, state trooper Thomas Owens saw a bear cub that was in trouble and got out of his patrol cruiser to pay attention to a mother bear and four other cubs crossing the road back and forth.

He searched for a while before realizing that one of the cubs kept lagging behind and that his mother was doing all in her power to encourage her child to keep up with her and the other cubs.

The child was reluctant to go and also halted in the middle of the street. His mother tried to coax him to walk, but the cub was a little too frail to stand back up.

The mother tried, but she ultimately chose to leave the frail cub behind and take the other three cubs into the wilderness.

When Owens noticed this happening, he decided to contact New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife in order to aid the ailing cub.

He waited impatiently and also felt a little worried since he knew he would have been in trouble if the mother bear had returned.

He was aware that the little cub also needed assistance. In the end, they had to take the cub to a rehab facility and assist them in taking care of it.

He was able to capture the child in the picture, which is shown below.

The sad truth was the mother bear had abandoned her second cub earlier that day because he was too ill.

Thankfully, when Fish and Wildlife officials went looking for the abandoned cub, they were able to locate him before it was too late.

The youngster is presently receiving excellent care and will surely soon return to his mother and/or sisters in safety.
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