Neighbors put up step stool for dog so he can see his Great Dane friends

Like people, dogs may develop friendships with their neighbors. Over a backyard fence, sometimes the best ties can develop; some dogs even give their neighbors massages.

The two Great Dane brothers Bambino and Vito have moved to a new neighborhood with the chocolate lab Gieuseppe. The three dogs rapidly become close friends from the opposite side of the fence. With the same enthusiasm as the two amicable Great Dane brothers, Giuseppe greeted the chocolate lab. The only drawback was that Giuseppe found it difficult to meet his neighbors because of the fence.

Brothers of Great Danes named Vito and Bambino are abnormally tall for canines. Giuseppe had problems looking over the barrier, although the Great Danes did not. He didn't reach the top of the fence since he was shorter than the Great Danes. He's made repeated attempts to launch himself high enough to get a good sniff of Vito and Bambino, but he's never been successful.

Fortunately, Gieuseppe's owner saw all that happened and made the decision to build up a stool so his dog could stand on it and welcome his new friends. I used to laugh out loud right away," Afton said. "When I noticed how his small feet had swollen and his tail had become blurry from swinging too quickly, I was unable to restrain myself. Very nice. Robert took a picture and texted it to his new neighbors, who shared it on Instagram because they thought it was a lovely picture.

Now friends, Giuseppe and his neighbors. They play together and go on walks a lot. It's wonderful that these dogs have developed a warm bond over a straightforward stool.
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