Young Widower Of 7 Kids Breaks Down After Stranger Gifts Him $10,000

The Christmas season is a time for celebration and pleasure, but it can also be a time of deep grief for people who have experienced extreme pain and loss. The majority of us who have lost a loved one will be presented with memories that are bittersweet since Christmas is associated with family time. Even though we know that there was a lot of love exchanged, the loss of it may be painful.

When a big family loses a loved one while simultaneously struggling financially, the loss may be considerably more traumatic. For one family, who had experienced great suffering and sorrow, this was the situation. In 2018, Dakota Nelson of Ashton, Idaho, unexpectedly lost his wife. Suddenly, he was left to care for seven kids on his own. To make ends meet, he had to take on three part-time jobs.

The family had a challenging year, but just before Christmas, Nelson was given a wonderful present, ensuring that his kids would have a holiday to enjoy. When individuals behave with generosity and energy, there is always some light in the shadows. Nelson was the beneficiary of this kindness, and when he received $10,000 from a secret Santa, his feelings are clear to see.

Nelson and his family benefited much from the donation, and everyone was deeply touched by the charity, including Nelson, who broke down in tears. Christmas is a time for joy, and tales like this one remind us that even under the most difficult circumstances, goodness and giving can open doors to hope.

According to an article in East Idaho News, Nelson, a part-time seminary instructor for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was spending time with his wife in their garage in July 2018 as they frequently did. Nelson stated in the video below that they were having fun and laughing, and that they were glad to be with their family and at home. Nelson left his wife in the garage alone while he went to fetch a few tools. She was on the ground and unable to breathe in a matter of seconds.

According to the TV station, the couple's son contacted 911 right away, and Nelson attempted to revive his wife until the fire brigade and paramedics came.

Sadly, Nelson's wife fell into a coma that lasted for a few weeks after losing oxygen to her brain for about 30 minutes. While her spouse was by her side, her body gave out and she passed away.

Nelson now had the difficult burden of taking care of his seven children by himself. The kids' ages at the time varied from 1 to 16. Nelson has discovered that being a single father is challenging, despite the older kids helping around the house and with the younger ones.

According to a GoFundMe put up for the family, the father works three jobs to ensure that his children have access to basic necessities like food and clothing. He wasn't certain how he would buy gifts for them for Christmas until a hidden Santa began a campaign for his family. Taking care of children while experiencing financial difficulties might be challenging, but Nelson had a guardian angel watching over him and his kids.

The family opened a gift from the secret Santa and found a $8,000 cheque and $2,000 in gift cards. Nelson was unable to talk due of his extreme thankfulness.

Nelson claimed to have used the funds well to the East Idaho News. When they traveled together, Nelson had to operate one automobile while his 16-year-old son operated another since his family lacked a vehicle large enough to accommodate everyone.

He also sent a thank-you note to the secret Santa in the letter. He noted:

"As I was surprised with the gifts, I looked at my kids — who will remember this event forever as the best time they had in a hard time. Thank you for being an example to my family on how to look out for the needs of others. It is hard to write this as I am at a total loss for words. There is no way for me to accurately convey how grateful we are for this kindness."

He also discussed his wife's death and how awful the situation was for the entire family in the letter. He also discussed the positivity that the secret Santa had brought into their lives, though.

Nelson stated in his letter, "Thank you for being that light. I know no one makes it through life without some form of incident that is taxing to the soul, but I had not understood how much one can be joyful even when the light is out and it is dark.
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