Cheeky Bride Blows Dust Off Her Wedding Vows Before Reading Them To Groom After 15 Years Of Dating

Whether it's an exasperatedly admitted "finally" or a long list of references to the couple's protracted relationship, many newlyweds take the opportunity to joke about how long this day has been coming. Over time, more than one bride (or groom) has included some small wink to the sentiment of "you should have married me years ago" in their vows.

While there isn't a set rule regarding how long you must wait before asking someone to marry you—some people wait years, while others wait only a few months—there is a typical pattern that the question "they haven't asked you to marry them yet?" comes up after the first few years.

But on occasion, you lose sight of the work at hand. Particularly if you two started dating while in college, started your adult lives together, adopted a puppy, or did anything else. Given that couples may just coexist without having to follow societal standards or spend a lot of money on what their mother-in-law anticipates, the hectic pace of modern living can push out the big day. They can train their labradoodle to use one of those talking touchpads instead by building IKEA furniture together.

Some brides do, however, really desire to make their way down the aisle. A female can only wait so long before they start giving her serious hints.

A South Carolina couple who had been together for an incredible 15 years finally experienced their wedding day. Then Christie's longtime boyfriend, Byron Jefferies, made the big proposal. They chose October 15, 2022, as the date.

The bride incorporated some comedy into her vows to the groom she had been dating for so long during their wedding ceremony at the School House Venue in Travelers Rest.

The pair was seen getting ready to say their vows in a popular TikTok video. The video captured the moment when the cheeky bride made a subtle but humorous allusion to how long she'd been with her guy, with Jeffries wearing a black tux and Christie wearing a lovely white gown.

Christie first blew a noticeable coating of dust from the white paper's page before unfolding it, on which she had undoubtedly written all the sweetest phrases about their love. The audience laughed out loud. Christie had obviously been working on this little speech for some time. The shocked groom, who was grinning, looked at the dust cloud. But Jeffries saw right away the sense of humor he must have grown accustomed to in his future bride. After the actual dust had cleared, he grinned with the crowd before returning to his soon-to-be bride.

Christie too could not help but giggle, having pulled off her little joke. Along with the audience, she laughed. Afterward, when Jeffries shook his head at Christie's antics, the pair exchanged a knowing glance. He seemed to have endured at least 15 years of her jokes, so perhaps that is why he finally proposed to Christie: so that they can laugh together for the rest of their lives.

Then Jeffries gave his loved one another perceptive glance. They both grinned as they realized Christie had been patiently waiting for him to propose while she had, ironically, already written her vows. She may have even written them at the beginning when she already knew that he was the man she would marry.
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