5-year-old BFFs get same haircut so they’ll no longer have any differences

Children don't harbor prejudice, which has to be emphasized in a society where many adults turn to hatred and racial stereotypes.

Although adults may believe they always know better, this anecdote demonstrates that we may learn a lot from the younger generation.

When Lydia Stith Rosebush first shared this incredible tale on the Love What Matters Facebook group in 2017, it quickly gained popularity.

And now that I've read the tale, I see why.

Jax, Lydia's five-year-old son, is certain of one thing in life: he and his closest buddy Reddy resemble each other like they are twins.

Jax claims that the only significant difference between the two closest friends is that his hair stands up while Reddy's is trimmed.

Jax made the decision to get a haircut over the weekend and execute a small practical joke on Reddy's teacher the following day.

Because if they both had the same hairdo, how on earth could their teacher tell them apart?

Jax said on Facebook that he couldn't wait to wear his hair like Reddy's on Monday so that his teacher wouldn't be able to tell them different.

If this isn't evidence that hate and bigotry are taught, Lydia added, "I don't know what is." Jax says that the only distinction between the two of them is their hair.

In less than a week, the post acquired more than 85,000 likes and 25,000 shares.

Numerous readers of the site have also contributed their own accounts of how prejudice-free youngsters are.

A German schoolteacher described a discussion she overheard between a mother and her kid.

The youngster responded, "None, Mom," when his mother enquired about the number of migrants in his class. In my class, there are just youngsters.

There is no evidence that Jax and Reddy have split up, even though their heartwarming story went viral a few years ago.

They still seem to be best friends, in fact!
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