Dog Thrown Away By Puppy Mill Now Loves Going To CrossFit With Her Dad Every Day

A Labrador Retriever that was found frozen in a clump of leaves by Joshua's boss's spouse was sent to a no-kill shelter. He immediately called Joshua and instructed him to "go fetch this puppy," which Joshua did, according to reshareworthy.

He discovered her curled up in the kennel's corner, her back turned away. She responded as though it had never been done to her before.

Allie was probably from a puppy mill, which Joshua quickly discovered and ultimately discarded. It took her six months to begin to have a little more faith in her family. In many respects, she really was the "perfect" dog.

She didn't know how to play, but he didn't chew or bark either. She now goes to CrossFit with Joshua every day, but two years ago, she was a very different dog.
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