Heartthrob Bon Jovi Faced A Lot Of Criticism When He Eloped With His Highschool Sweetheart At The Peak of His Career

Rock star status is attained by Jon Bon Jovi. He is most recognized for his work with the 1983-formed rock band Bon Jovi as a vocalist, composer, and guitarist. He has since recorded 15 studio albums with his band and several songs on his own. In addition, he has established himself as an actor by taking part in a few movies and television series.

Jon obviously has a lot of artistic skill, but he also has a kind heart. He established The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation in 2006, a charity that works to combat homelessness and hunger in the US. Jon has furthermore demonstrated a sincere passion for sports and even served as the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League's main ownership. Additionally, he nearly held a portion of ownership in the NFL franchise Buffalo Bills.

But there's more to enjoy about Jon than just his romantic life. On The New Jersey Syndicate Tour's Los Angeles stop in 1989, Jon quietly slipped away to Las Vegas with Dorothea Hurley, his high school girlfriend. The two left that place and haven't looked back since eloping.

However, back when they originally exchanged vows more than 30 years ago, this celebrity marriage made in heaven received harsh criticism. Thankfully, they have remained close throughout. Jon and his amazing wife have been together for for 33 years, and he has never regretted eloping with her.

Jon and his wife Dorothea have beaten the hurdles put in their way, from their April 29, 1989 elopement through the establishment of a joint philanthropic organization. According to Men's Health, Jon and Dorothea first became high school sweethearts before deciding on the spur of the moment to be married after Bon Jovi had phenomenal success.

The pair, who were wed by an Elvis lookalike at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, are still together and even more in love after 32 years. According to Dorothea, "We make it work."

Not everyone, though, was as ecstatic with their lifetime commitment. When Jon got married, his fans felt less connected to him since the popular artist was suddenly utterly unreachable, despite the fact that he was enjoying enormous success in his job. My manager was unhappy when I returned from Vegas, Jon stated. "America's boy is now married... that's not a good career move," he said. The record label was likewise discouraged.

Nevertheless, Jon has never looked back on his choice to wed his high school love. Looking back, he claimed that his marriage was the best decision he had ever made.

Fortunately, Jon continued to build a name for himself as a solo artist as Bon Jovi continued to have enormous success as a group. Even though Jon has a lot of adoring female followers, Dorothea doesn't seem to mind.

I believe it's wonderful that they enjoy music, she remarked. They are really devoted and enjoy the band. Usually, Dorothea goes to Bon Jovi concerts. She told PEOPLE, "I normally watch from the side (during his concerts). The songs all sound fantastic until you hear them performed live.

The relationship between the pair is lovely. They have three boys called Jesse, Jacob, and Romeo, and one daughter named Stephanie. Additionally, Jon and his wife manage a number of philanthropic organizations. The Jon Bon Jovi Foundation, which focuses on affordable housing, and the couple's two Soul Kitchen restaurants, which assist in providing hot meals to people in need, also work together, according to TODAY.

So how can Jon and Dorothea balance their four children, their exemplary foundation, and Jon's demanding career? According to TODAY, Jon believes Dorothea is the key to their happy marriage.

He remarked, "She's the glue. "I'm the crazy visionary, and the seams are tearing with all kinds of stuff flying. She is the one who works behind me, using glue, thread, and needles to hold everything together. Jon stated that Dorothea was the driving force behind the success of the charities and the Soul Kitchen. He made a joke about how "my wife does all the work and I get all the credit."

Jon and Dorothea have consistently supported one another through all of the highs and lows along the road. On behalf of another family across the street, I don't have a mistress, Jon added. You won't ever read that tale about me. I don't care about that way of life at all.

The couple is currently the ideal example of what a great Hollywood marriage looks like and is still going strong. According to Jon, "I somehow ended up being the face of a long-married rock star." However, I'll take the role since I'm so content.

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