Mila Kunis Says Her 'Horrible' Breakup With Macaulay Culkin' Shaped' Her Into The Person She Is Today

Actress Mila Kunis originally gained notoriety for her breakthrough performance as Jackie Burkhart on the 1998–2006 television series "That '70s Show." She was just 14 when she was chosen for the role, and since then, she has continued to leave her impact on the entertainment world by appearing in both movies and television shows.

The voice of Meg Griffin on the cartoon series "Family Guy" and appearances in movies including "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Black Swan," "Friends with Benefits," and "Bad Moms" are among of Kunis' most well-known performances.

Today, Kunis has a large following for her acting profession and for the sweet love story she has had with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. The two initially crossed paths while working on "That '70s Show," but they didn't begin dating for several years.

However, Kutcher is hardly the only well-known actor Kunis has dated. Macaulay Culkin, widely known for playing Kevin McAllister in the "Home Alone" films, was a man she formerly dated. Formerly a highly well-liked child star, Culkin has now made the decision to live a more quiet life and has a lovely family of his own.

Fans can't help but think back on Kunis and Culkin's eight-year relationship, even if they are both now content with their partners. Kunis recently said that she was to blame for their separation. Let's examine Kunis and Culkin's romance, the reasons why it ended, and how their lives are doing now.

Many people are still curious about what transpired between Kunis and Culkin throughout their eight years of dating, even if they are no longer together. When they initially started dating in 2002, speculations of their impending nuptials spread like wildfire. Throughout their relationship, Kunis and Culkin allegedly refuted claims that they were married repeatedly, according to InStyle.

Culkin declared, "We are not a couple. We won't be getting hitched. I am in a very, very, very beautiful, great relationship." He and Kunis made every effort to keep their private affairs discreet. Kunis said to Parade: "We have a strong sense of privacy, and I believe that we appreciate and can maintain it. We like being with one another."

In addition, Kunis remarked that Culkin was "possibly the most intellectual person" she had ever encountered and stressed the value of "working through" all of their highs and lows. The pair startled the public, however, when they revealed their separation a few months earlier and gave details of their breakup in January 2011.

Since then, both performers have developed significantly, learnt a lot, and have had time to think back on their time spent acting together. Kunis discussed how being with Culkin was a really fulfilling experience for her a year after the split. Being established at an early age was beneficial, she claimed. "You know, there isn't a single thing in my life that I would change. I believe that all contributed to the person I am today."

In an interview with Dax Shepard for his podcast "Armchair Expert," Kunis acknowledged that she was to blame for the collapse of her relationship with Culkin, which she described as "a horrific, horrible split." She said, "I told myself when I was finally single, "I simply need to sort myself out." I really need to understand why I did what I did and, like, gather myself as a person."

Both Kunis and Culkin have since moved on and are now in fulfilling partnerships. Kunis and Kutcher started dating in 2012, and they got married in July 2015. During their partnership, they have also welcomed two children: Wyatt, a daughter, was born in October 2014, and Dimitri, a son, was born in November 2016.

At the 2022 Oscars, Kunis and Kutcher were seen together and seemed utterly smitten. In 2017, Kunis praised her marriage with her spouse in a statement. She reportedly remarked, "We still truly adore and like each other daily," to Us Weekly.

Additionally, Culkin has a lovely family. Since 2017, he has been seeing the actress Brenda Song, and the two are now engaged. Song now appears in the streaming series "Dollface" and is most recognized for her work on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."

The couple also has a sweet kid named Dakota, who was given that name in honor of Macaulay's late sister, who died suddenly in a 2008 automobile accident at the age of 29. In 2021, Macaulay made a comeback as an actor and began appearing in the series "American Horror Story: Double Feature."
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