Woman Who Married Rag Doll Says She's 'Pregnant' With Second Child

An individual who claimed to have wed a rag doll has disclosed that she is currently 'pregnant' with their second kid.

Brazilian Meirivone Rocha Moraes is well-known on social media for her relationship with a rag doll.

After being married a year ago, the couple already had a kid.

I'm overjoyed to be carrying Marcelo once more. We're expecting a girl this time.

Marcelo continued asking when we were going to have another child, and I always replied, "One day." We desperately wanted to become pregnant once again. There were a few occasions when I had nausea, so I took a test, but the results were negative.

But recently I started feeling queasy once more, so I got a test from the neighborhood drugstore, and it was positive!

She went on:

We are overjoyed. Our dream child is a tiny princess. Even though we already have a son, we will still adore the child if they turn out to be a male.

The 37-year-old said that a friend observed her deceased husband slipping into a motel with another woman in 2022, at which point she accused him of cheating on her.

She uttered:

We had been quite distant since since I learned that he had an affair. Even though we still reside in the same home, things have changed. However, since the baby, things have changed.

My connection with Marcelo has improved as a result of him showing me considerably more affection. Our marriage will be saved by this new baby.

After Meirivone complained about being lonely and lacking a partner for dancing, her mother sewed her the rag doll known as "Marcelo."

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