“I’m Not Kidding”, Baby Hippo Yells Out For Help After A Bird Flock Land On Its Back

We each respond to the same thing differently. It makes sense because everyone has a different point of view. Guys, this also occurs in the realm of animals. This newborn rhino is completely enamored with the feathery buddies, unlike a baby elephant who would be overjoyed to run after and dance with a flock of birds. It turns out to be both hilarious and lovely. Continue to scroll!

A tiny swarm of oxpeckers swooped down on the juvenile hippo's back as it was amusing itself on its lonesome. In reality, it endured the birds for just ten seconds before he decided to get rid of them. These oxpeckers, nevertheless, were adamant about staying. The humorous tale started!

When the oxpeckers started pecking at the worried calf's back, it cried out for assistance. It was genuinely terrified. It made every effort to frighten off any uninvited passengers. "I am not joking. Keep your distance from me, folks.

The hippo tried running and twisting its body, but it was ineffective. To scare the birds away, it even attempted to pretend to flee into the water. Fortunately, the birds quickly gave up attempting to eat and took off.

As you may already be aware, oxpeckers and hippos often get along. By eating them, these birds assist in ridding hippos of ticks and other parasites. But this time, the young hippo doesn't want them. It desperately attempts to ward off these birds because it views them as bothersome pests.

Photographer Marc Mol recorded these humorous incidents in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park. He was focused on a group of hippos when he noticed the young hippo with the oxpeckers on its back heading in his direction.

"At first, I was confused about what was happening when I saw this tiny hippo racing toward me and the safety of the water, but I later discovered that a small flock of Ox-peckers was to blame. It was hilarious to see, remarked Marc Mol.

"When I realized that I had recorded something a little odd and yet quite hilarious," he said, "I had a good chuckle."

Pictures of the infant hippo that Marc posted online quickly became popular. Although they feel bad for the little animal, many can't help but chuckle. It has such genuine and humorous expressions. The oxpeckers aren't greeted by it. I'm done now.
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