Man Without A Baby Stumped When He’s Pulled Over For Not Having A Child Seat — Then His Wife Shows Him A Test Result

It's a huge event to tell your spouse he's going to be a father. More mothers are beginning to use truly original methods to spread their good news. No different was Nikk Rock. She desired to take an unconventional approach to things. So she requested assistance from the local police in putting on a genuinely unique vehicle trip.

Rock wanted to announce her pregnancy to Jarred Wright in a special way in April 2017. She took a seat and gave it some serious thought. She made the decision to engage the Hurst Police Department, and they agreed. She was aware that her spouse wouldn't anticipate it.

They were stopped by a police officer while driving. Wright, who was operating the vehicle, showed signs of confusion as to why he had been stopped. When the police approached the car, Wright recognized him as a buddy named Todd Colichia. But even so, Wright continued to experience anxiety.

Colichia made some small conversation, then inquired about broad topics before explaining why he had stopped them. He explained to Wright that the reason he had stopped them was because he was operating the vehicle while the infant was inside but not in a car seat.

Wright continued, astonished, by saying that he doesn't have a child. He was repeatedly asked by the police if he was certain. He then gestured in the direction of Rock, who, to her husband's surprise, had been recording the entire conversation the entire time. She also had a pregnancy test in her hand. Wright realized what was going on as he turned to gaze at her, which caused a shift in expression. Rock later verified that they are in fact operating a vehicle without a car seat while the baby is inside!

In the video, Wright initially looked at his wife incredulously before beaming with a smile as the full impact of the wonderful news reached him. He leaned over and took Rock's pregnancy test. Colichia began congratulating the soon-to-be father in the meanwhile. Then Colichia's companion showed up on the passenger side window with a huge bag filled with presents for Wright. "Dad, see you on your birthday," was written on a little teddy bear that Wright took out of the bag. Wright would apparently receive a double surprise from the baby as it was also due on his birthday! He also produced a baby onesie with the words "I my fantastic dad" on it.

The couple was delighted to learn of the baby's birth, especially Wright, an army combat veteran who had served in Afghanistan from 2013 to 2014 and was suffering from PTSD. Wright launched a GoFundMe campaign to gather money after the video of the unexpected pregnancy announcement went viral in order to cover the cost of frequent medical visits.

"I've been having trouble with my psychiatric issues; twice in the previous six months, I've been hospitalized to an inpatient hospital, and I've gone to the ER a lot for panic and anxiety episodes. In fact, I met the cops in the video in November 2016 after a terrifying panic attack, and ever then he's become a fantastic supporter of my family and I," he added.

Wright was able to raise $2,495 in total, which is more than his $2,000 goal, thanks to 56 donations. We're delighted for Wright and Rock and thankful that they recorded the adorable video of their pregnancy announcement so we can watch it again whenever we need a little encouragement!
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