Twin Pandas Celebrate First Birthday At Zoo With Festive Cake Made From Favorite Fruits And Veggies

At the Berlin Zoo on Monday, Pit and Paule, twin giant pandas, celebrated their first birthday.

Everybody enjoys birthday celebrations. When it is a first birthday celebration, this is particularly true. Continue reading to learn how the family enhanced the significance of this significant occasion.

The fact that this celebration is for twin enormous pandas is the first feature that makes it particularly remarkable. Paule and Pit, the twins, live with their parents right now in the Berlin Zoo. Their mother is Meng Meng, and their father is Jiao Qing.

The twins are hardly light children, even though they have not yet weighed between 220 and 330 pounds as adults. At this time, the two weigh about 61 pounds apiece. Compared to their birth weight of barely one-half pound apiece, this shows a remarkable increase.

A Unique Find

Even though twin births make almost half of all panda births, very few of these individuals survive to adulthood. This is due to the fact that, according to BBC Earth, in the wild, panda moms sometimes reject one of their panda offspring in favor of nurturing the more robust sibling. She was able to rear both of them since there are plenty of supplies available in captivity.

Insider said that his adorable couple will eventually go back to China, where they originated. They are loving growing and studying in Germany till then. China pays the Berlin Zoo a yearly conservation fee in exchange for the right to observe these cherished visitors.

An event to honor the Cubs

These adorable cubs are celebrating their first birthday by eating, which is one of their favorite activities. Zoo staff made a special cake to commemorate the event. After all, these two-toned twins will require as many calories as they can acquire in the next years to double their weight.

The twins' favorite meals were meticulously chosen by zoo personnel, who then combined and frozen them into a cake they were sure the cubs would like. The specially crafted treat contains bamboo, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets. This one-of-a-kind manifestation is designed to resemble the number "1" in honor of the twins' first year.

Come to the Party
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