Dog Has Epic Reaction To His Marine Mom’s Surprise Homecoming

Whether the dog and owner were apart for 10 minutes or ten months, it will be a touching sight to see them reunited! You'll cry reading about this sweet reunion in this post.

Oshie, a golden retriever, has been separated from his mother for a whole year. Since his mother is a marine, she was forced to leave Oshie with her family. The dog yearned to see her because it missed her so much. He was left with no choice but to wait for her to come back.

Oshie's mother finally arrived after a year-long deployment and gave him a kind gift. Oshie was ecstatic and leapt all over her, kissing and hugging her tenderly. He even rolled onto his back to give his tummy a much-needed massage.

It's amazing to witness how this Golden Retriever found his mum after a long separation. Such responses are priceless!
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