Kathie Lee Gifford shares new photo of ‘precious’ 5-month-old grandson named after her late husband

Is being a grandparent the most precious thing you can experience? I can't think of anything.

It's tremendously satisfying to watch your children become parents, especially when it's their first time.

The former co-host of Today, Kathie Lee Gifford, has been smiling with delight ever since finding out she was going to become a grandmother. But she said that the reason to celebrate was with her son and his lovely bride and their love for one another, not with her. This is a gift from God, given in His time and in His way.

Gifford posted a photo of her five-month-old grandson Frank on Twitter on Thursday.

She said, "My lovely little bubbela wishes you all a wonderful Thursday." He wishes you happiness and health, you know!

"Frankie" Frank Cody and Erika Gifford, the son of Gifford, had a boy on May 31.

On Instagram, Erika announced the news and referred to it as "the happiest day of our life."

"Frank Michael Gifford, or 'Frankie,' has permanently changed our lives. He arrived at a staggering 8 pounds, 8 ounces three weeks early. We continue to overflow with love and thankfulness for God's most priceless gift.

Frank Gifford, a Hall of Fame football icon, was the inspiration for the couple's first child, who they called after Cody. The pair started dating in 2013 and were married in 2020.

Frank "Frankie" after C's grandfather and Michael after my 61-year-old uncle, whose name also means "gift of God," Erika wrote.

Two powerful guys who were lost yet never forgotten.

In addition, Kathie Lee posted a sweet picture of her new grandson on Twitter to mark the occasion.

What greater marvel exists than life itself? I can't contain my happiness. God is to be praised for giving us tiny Frank Michael Gifford.

She visited the Today Show shortly after Frank was born, chatted with her former coworkers, and stated she had different ideas about what she'd like her grandkids to name her.

According to Kathie Lee, she inquired about Israeli grandmothers' names from an acquaintance whose mother is Israeli.

"What's a decent term for a Jewish grandmother?" I asked her. At the moment, Kathie Lee stated. She then says, "Bubbalah. Bubbie's here."

"And it means dearest one, like beloved one," she said.

Since "a small kid merely goes, 'Buh, buh, buh, buh, buh,'" Kathie Lee found it to be an easy choice.

"I believe it will be simple. Bubbie.”

How adorable! There aren't many greater things in the world than becoming a grandmother!
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