Jimmy Carter Met Wife a Day after Her Birth - They Have Been Married for 76 Years despite His ‘Adultery'(6 photos)

The Carters serve as a living testament to true love. They have been married for 76 years and counting, despite facing numerous difficulties.

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn Carter, have a love story that is right out of a fairy tale and demonstrates that they were intended to be together.

They remain in love even after 76 years of marriage, four children, and a four-year presidency. Here are the specifics of the romance between the longest-married president and his wife, the difficulties they had when traveling, and his "adultery."


Jimmy, who was born in October 1924, was raised by his businessman father and nursing mother in and near Plains, Georgia, a tiny community with 600 residents at the time.

Jimmy's mother assisted in the birth of Rosalynn, the first child of her neighbors, in 1927. One day after Rosalynn was born, Jimmy's mother brought her three-year-old son over to view the infant.

Years later, Rosalynn said Jimmy "saw [her] through the cradle bars." They were destined for a life together, although they were unaware of it at the time.

After Rosalynn's father passed away at the age of 13, her family faced hardships. She started working to make ends meet for the family. Even yet, she excelled in school, finished at the top of her high school class, and carried out her father's request by going to college.


Despite the fact that Rosalynn was close with Jimmy's younger sister Ruth Carter and had a three-year age difference from Jimmy, nothing romantic occurred between them for years. The dynamics of their relationship shifted in 1945.

Jimmy had a date lined up with a Georgia beauty queen when he was on leave from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. She was unable to attend due to a family gathering, though.

With an engraved compact, he got her to say yes, but she declined.

Even though he was set to return to Annapolis for "another spell of seclusion," he still wanted to go on a date. Rosalynn and Ruth were standing in front of the Methodist church when he drove around Plains.

Jimmy was struck by her for some reason. She accepted his invitation to watch a movie. Jimmy responded to his mother's question about his feelings for Rosalynn after she found out about his date:

""She is the one I will wed," he said. I was aware of her modest demeanor, extraordinary intelligence, and beauty. She had a certain allure that made her impossible to refuse."

When Jimmy joined the navy and started to stroll around Plains in his white uniform, Rosalynn, who was 17 at the time, started to develop feelings for him. Ruth planned for her brother to ask Rosalynn out because she was aware of this.

Rosalynn paid Jimmy a visit at the Naval Academy less than a year after their initial date. With an engraved compact, he got her to say yes, but she declined. Months passed as he mourned and persisted, and when he finally asked her again, she said yes. They tied the knot in July 1946.


Rosalynn and Jimmy's marriage hasn't exactly been blissful. They frequently relocated and traveled because of his military obligations. John, their first child, was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, in 1947.

James "Chip" III began living with the couple at their Honolulu, Hawaii, home in 1950. Their youngest child, Amy Lynn, was born in Georgia in 1967, and their third son, Donnel, was born in New London, Connecticut, in 1952.

Rosalynn claims that their marriage had its most difficult time in the middle of the 1950s. Jimmy's father passed away in 1953. Rosalynn brought his family back to Plains even though he was already accustomed to living in Schenectady, New York, to take care of the family peanut business.

When they arrived in Plains, she was certain that the finest portion of her life had come to an end, especially because she had been unable to obtain a position in which she could compete with Jimmy. Fortunately, she seized control of the farm's finances and made a profit.

He was thought to have used language that "don't sound presidential."


Jimmy began his political career in the 1960s by becoming a member of the Georgia State Senate. In 1971, he was elected governor of Georgia, and in 1977, he was elected president of the United States. Through the years, Rosalynn has never ceased being his supporter.

Shortly before Jimmy was elected president, in November 1976, Playboy magazine published an interview with the presidential pair in which he discussed the significance of religion in his life. He stated:

"I warn you that anybody who looks at a woman with desire has already committed adultery in his heart, said Christ. I've had lustful looks at many different ladies. I've been guilty of adultery countless times in my heart."

It is important to note that Jimmy never admitted to cheating on his wife; he simply acknowledged having lustful glances at other ladies. Nevertheless, his interview was startling.


After 76 years of marriage, Jimmy, 97, and Rosalynn, 94, are still deeply in love. The former president was seen kissing Rosalynn on New Year's Eve in 2021. He still blushes while talking about his wife.

The pair was in Plains for the yearly "peanut drop." Rosalynn saw the action from the street as Jimmy watched it from his automobile. She hurried back to the car, though, and kissed her husband.

Later that year, Jimmy and Rosalynn revealed one of their marriage's key ingredients: space. Jimmy explained the "policy" they settled on:

"We both allow the other plenty of room to pursue our own interests. We also look for activities that we enjoy doing together and attempt to focus on them."

They have shared experiences skiing, birdwatching, fly-fishing, and playing tennis, among other things. By doing all that, they realized they had enough of routine activities to do with each other.

Jimmy and Rosalynn also try to avoid going to bed upset with one another. They fight "frequently," although they attempt to work things out before going to bed. Such a cute couple!
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