Mom Criticized For Piercing Daughter’s Ears Just 1 Day After She Was Born(4 photos)

One of the most prevalent types of body alteration is ear piercing, which is very well-liked in all cultures. Earrings are a terrific fashion statement-making item that go well with any ensemble. Although piercing your ears is one of the simplest methods to alter your look, even little, there are certain dangers and potential problems.

Regardless of how little these issues may be, depending on the age of the individual getting their ears pierced, they may be harmful. According to Healthline, some doctors advise delaying tetanus vaccinations until newborns are approximately 4 months old because this is normally when they have had their two doses.

The practice of piercing a baby's ears before they are old enough to give their permission has increased throughout time. Many individuals have spoken out against permitting parents to continue piercing babies' ears due to the unavoidable discomfort and the health hazards involved. In reality, many individuals are opposed piercing a baby or young child's ears. It might be difficult to wait until kids are older to get their ears pierced, especially if it is a part of one's culture.

On Instagram and TikTok, a new mother has been posting some gorgeous pictures and videos of her baby, Lara. On January 20, 2022, the infant was born. However, the mother hasn't received any supportive remarks under her posts; rather, she has come under fire for piercing Lara's ears, particularly given that she did so the day after Lara was born. This triggered a heated discussion about whether or not this was good parenting online. Lara's ear piercings have drawn comments from people all across the world.

New parents frequently post pictures and videos of their babies online because they are so eager to experience all the adventures that parenting has to offer. A mother uploaded a video of her daughter Lara to TikTok in June 2022 and said, "The time past (sic) too swiftly. Missing you so much at this size. The video showed her daughter, maybe in the hospital, as well as a more recent scene in which she was being held.

However, the mother published a video in May 2022 with the description "1 day versus 3 months" showing the difference in appearance between the baby at 1 day newborn and the infant at 3 months old. The fact that Lara's ears were pierced when she was just 1 day old caught the attention of many onlookers.

Many of the responses the mother received criticized her for deciding to pierce Lara's ears. Why shouldn't they be given the option of getting their ears pierced or not, a commenter asked? When my infants become aware of these concepts, I will leave it up them to decide. Someone another remarked, "OK, but like why? She is a newborn! She is not in need of them! I have a 7-month-old child, therefore I firmly decline. Possibly when she is older.

Others countered that the mom should make the decision. I had my ears pierced when I was 3 months old, one individual remarked. My mother had hers done at the hospital the same day. Leave it up to the family to decide. We adore our body art. Another user said, "Love how she has pierced ears! Sincerely, I would follow suit.

Although there is still disagreement over who should have the authority to make such choices, most people believed that they only had the baby's best interests in mind.

The mother has continued to publish pictures and videos of her daughter Lara despite the criticism she has endured for a while. The majority of this media, if not all of it, continues to emphasize Lara's pierced ears. Additionally, the infant is wearing different earrings in each of the photographs and videos, indicating that someone is switching them out behind the scenes.

Surprisingly, Lara and her mother have amassed a sizable fan base recently. While the TikTok account has a staggering 2.5 million followers, the Instagram account only has about 87,000.

On June 21, 2022, a TikTok featured a cute image of Lara looking about while sporting her little hoops. The feedback was generally favorable; one user said, "So cute tiny baby." Someone another said, "She appears to be an angel sent from heaven."

Although many people criticized Lara's mother for piercing the infant's ears, the videos showing Lara with her ears pierced at barely one day old have gotten mixed reactions.

How is that ear piercing even legal, someone questioned? I mistook the age for three months. They do that at the hospital, a TikTik user retorted. They requested permission from my daughter to pierce my granddaughter's ears. Someone another said, "They do it for their culture," as an addition.

Even amid the critical remarks, there were some supportive ones, demonstrating that it is ultimately up to the parent or parents to make their own judgments. A user commented: "Personal view... She is really sweet, and I like the earrings... Who cares what others think? We only have one life.
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