Teen raises $186,000 for 81-year-old Walmart worker so she can pay off her mortgage and finally retire

All of us learn early on to lend a hand to others who may be in need than ourselves.

Modern society ought to value showing kindness to others and making efforts to better their life. Unfortunately, the idea of generosity and helping others when you have more is one that seems to have been eroding steadily over time.

But it's not fully gone. Still not.

No, every now and then we come across a tale like this one that exemplifies the virtue of going above and above to help a complete stranger.

According to reports, Devan Bonagura from New Jersey saw a senior woman who worked at his neighborhood Walmart.

He simply didn't understand why she was still working and not taking use of her retirement at her elderly age. In the end, he made the choice to extend a helping hand that would go viral online.

A 15-second video of an elderly woman seated at a break room table at the Walmart in Hackettstown, New Jersey, was the first thing Devan shared on TikTok.

The video gained popularity immediately; as of November 28, it had had over 4.6 million reactions in addition to 30.8 million views.

The elderly woman was 81-year-old Nola Carpenter, a native of New Jersey who had spent more than 20 years working at the same Walmart location.

As previously noted, the 15-second video Devan posted on TikTok with the caption "Life shouldn't b this hard..." went viral. Many viewers felt sorry for Nola, while others were shocked to learn that she was still working at the age of 81.

Devan made the decision to check if there was anything further he could do to assist her after watching the response to the video.

Devan started a fundraising for Nola, 81, with the slogan "Let's help Nola retire," after learning that she was laboring to pay off her house on a salary of between $17 to $19 an hour.

"The fact that Nola works at Walmart should enough. Together, let's provide a hand, the caption stated.

Unbelievably, the store manager phoned Devan and requested he remove the video and the fundraising for Nola, alleging that doing so would jeopardize his company and that he would call the police if necessary.

Devan answered by standing by his position. I told them to do what you had to because I'm going to pay this woman in some manner, he stated.

In a video that was published on November 5, Devan surprised Nola with a visit. He put the $110,000 that had been raised by the fundraiser into her account after conversing with her for a while.

Devan made the decision to keep the GoFundMe page active until it had raised more than $186,000 after the 81-year-old stated that she would need to work to pay the remaining $60,000 on her mortgage.

Carpenter, who could now afford to retire, said, "I feel wonderful, and I'm glad for what Devan has done, else none of this would have been possible.

Nola, who acknowledged her regret over losing her usual clients, said she will work through the following Christmas season before retiring at the start of 2023.
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