Tom Jones's Estranged Son Was Homeless & Slept In Shelter Despite Father’s Multi-Million Fortune

Since the middle of the 1960s, Sir Tom Jones, a legendary Welsh vocalist, has been showcasing his extraordinary vocal prowess. With songs like "It's Not Unusual," "Delilah," and "She's A Lady," many people have come to appreciate and respect Jones and his lovely musical skills. Over the course of his many years in the music business, he has sang about love and heartbreak, and his voice is deep and rich, producing the ideal baritone sound.

In addition to his famous career in the music business, Jones has demonstrated his acting prowess and hosted his own television program, "This Is Tom Jones." Even Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in 2005 for his great contributions to the arts. Jones has lately made headlines in the business once more as a result of his involvement as a judge on "The Voice UK," a talent show that he has been a member of since 2012 with the exception of 2016.

Jones, who had a lengthy career, also found love and was wed to Linda, also known as Melinda Rose Trenchard, from March 2, 1957, until her passing on April 10, 2016. Despite having been married for a long time, there were numerous challenges. Their biggest barrier was Jones' claimed adultery, which was ultimately established one day in court after a paternity test was required on behalf of Katherine Berkery, a model with whom Jones had a brief affair in the late 1980s.

Continue reading to learn more about Jones and why Jonathan Jones Berkery, who was clearly his son, had to sing on the streets to earn a living while being homeless.

Linda succumbed to lung cancer in 2016 and passed away. Jones talked openly about how difficult it was to deal with the loss. According to Hello Magazine, he stated, "When my wife went away – God bless her — I didn't know whether I would make it. There were times when I didn't want to get out of bed, and there were days when I thought I couldn't.

Despite accusations that he had been having extramarital relationships while they were married, Jones and she had expressed their love for one another just before she passed away. He claimed, "(The affairs were) never mentioned, and I was never made to feel uncomfortable." "Linda is an amazing lady, and she would never pressure me. She adores being my wife, and I adore being her husband."

Even if he might not have told his wife about the indiscretions, the media was well-versed in them. In her 1986 autobiography "Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme," Mary Wilson of The Supremes also discussed her two-year relationship with Jones. She claimed that Jones' refusal to leave his wife caused the termination of their relationship. Wilson was devastated and said that even after their relationship ended, she still had feelings for Jones.

In 1976, after being observed kissing on a Barbados beach, it was also reported that Jones had an affair with Marjorie Wallace. One among the many groupies and models Jones encountered while traveling the world was Wallace. Katherine Berkery, who asserted to have given birth to Jones' baby in June 1988, was one of these models. Until a court-ordered paternity test revealed Jonathan Jones Berkery was, in fact, his kid, Jones contested this. After the judge declared Jones to be Jonathan's father and mandated him to pay child support in 1989, Katharine allegedly started weeping and told her 1-year-old son, "Now, you have a father." Unfortunately, Jonathan did not require Jones' brand of parental guidance. Despite evidence being presented in court, he consistently denied Jonathan was his son. For over 18 years, the music legend paid the child support but never once spoke to his son.

Jones didn't mention Jonathan at all until he spoke about the birth of his child in 2008 "I hadn't anticipated doing it. If I had thought it through, I would have taken more action than merely providing money. However, it wasn't I was actually duped. I was easily duped." I simply succumbed for the temptation, the singer said.

Jonathan yearned for a relationship with Jones since he had always known Jones to be his father. In 2008, Jonathan was greatly moved by their statements. "Those remarks were painful. My birth was not my decision. Without being willing to cause harm to others along the way, one cannot become as well-known as my father "He responded by saying.

Jonathan struggled in life since he didn't have a father figure to look up to growing up. As an adult, he was forced to live in a shelter for the homeless while holding down a part-time job stacking shelves. Additionally, he earned money by performing his father's songs in public while holding a placard that stated, "I need money, please help." He stated, "Not having a father growing up was challenging. His affection was everything I had ever desired. People often compare my appearance and voice to those of my younger father. I hum each of his tunes. As soon as I start singing, they turn and gaze at me."
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