Bride Surprises Sick Grandpa In Her Wedding Dress And His Reaction Is The Cutest!(photo)

Every woman's desire is to have every member of her family there on her wedding day. However, sometimes life interferes, making this impossibility.

Due to health reasons, Camryn Seifert's adored grandfather Dean had to miss her special day. She was aware of his disappointment when he was unable to attend since she knew how much he yearned to see her in her stunning white dress.

Camryn and her hubby made the unconventional decision to marry Grandpa Dean! Grandpa Dean was definitely startled, judging by his response, when the newlyweds dressed up again and visited him at home.

Grandpa Dean sobbed, his eyes filled with tears, "Oh my God!"

Although he couldn't be present at the wedding day, Camryn's kind act meant the world to her grandfather, whose wish was realized!

Camryn claimed that he felt included in her wedding when they viewed the wedding film in the living room.

We had the finest time, Camryn wrote. I'm pleased my incredible grandfather was there to partake in this memorable event.

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