Little Grace Irwin Waves At Her “Grandpa Crocodile” Steve Irwin’s Poster At The Australia Zoo(4 photos)

Crikey! Grandpa Steve Irwin, the man, the myth, and the legend!

One of the most well-known Australian wildlife specialists in the world was Steve Irwin. The nickname "crocodile hunter" may have been given to him, but it is not meant to be derogatory or hostile.

Throughout his illustrious career, he merely wanted to inform people about Australia's wildlife.

What if I told you that Steve Irwin was raised in a zoo? Yes, and his parents were also knowledgeable about wildlife.

The Irwin family has always been close to many animals, and it appears like the practice will continue indefinitely. The crocodile hunter is no longer with us physically, but his spirit endures.

Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi just posted an extremely gorgeous video of her daughter to Instagram.

We can understand why Bindi's daughter is unable to cross some hurdles thanks to the caption she gave.

The Australia Zoo, where the Irwin family was raised, appears to be undergoing renovation.

The zoo is Grace Irwin's domain even if she is now obstructed by certain obstacles because she grew up there like her mother and grandfather.

Grace may be seen in the video pausing in front of her grandfather's "Grandpa Crocodile" and pointing at the poster.

Grace may be heard being asked in the background by Bindi if she adores her grandfather the crocodile. Grace replies with the sweetest "yes" I have ever heard; it melts my heart.

Bindi's final words in the video are, "I love you, sweetie. Grandpa Crocodile also adores you.

Grace then walks up to her mother and leaves the frame. This is undoubtedly a kind, loving family.

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