2-Year-Old Finds ‘First Best Friend’ With 100-Year-Old Neighbor And Celebrates Milestones Together(video)

Contrary to popular opinion, the two friends discovered that the grass is truly greenest when everyone is on the same side. Though tough, the years 2020 and 2021 also provided many chances for people to rediscover their identities, their hobbies, and even old friends. That many individuals were able to make new connections after taking the time to interact with people they would not have previously been able to connect with is even more amazing.

Mary O'Neill, then 99, and Benjamin Olson, then 2, fell in love while separated by a chain-link fence. O'Neill has been living alone since she lost her marriage many years ago, and neither her grandkids nor great-grandchildren reside in the same state as her. She was lucky to form a strong friendship with her neighbor after spending a lot of time alone during the Coronavirus epidemic. This was because she had an unexpected but utterly delightful encounter.

O'Neill and Benjamin are the best of friends, enjoying outdoor activities while keeping a safe distance from one another during the epidemic despite their 97-year age gap. From their own Minneapolis, Minnesota neighborhood, the two have succeeded in forming a friendship that has captured the hearts of countless others from all over the world. The two have continued to enjoy each other's company and have been able to spend more time together as time has gone and constraints have been relaxed.

Before Benjamin was born, his family had lived next door to O'Neill's family, but they hardly ever saw her, according to CBS News. The Olson family spent more time in their yard during the outbreak, while O'Neill spent more time in hers since she was compelled to stay at home for the most of 2020, which led to the neighbors socializing more. O'Neill and Benjamin become close friendships over time.

When her son spotted Mary in the yard, Benjamin Olson would bring her a ball, according to his mother. O'Neill made up their own game they termed "cane ball" by returning the ball to him with her cane in response. After her connection with Benjamin reawakened her young spirit, she has discovered what it is to be a child once more. They take pleasure in shooting water guns and blowing bubbles together.

O'Neill, according to her, "soon became [her son's] first best buddy." Olson told CBS News that "we didn't even have to work on it; it simply occurred on its own." Whether they were in quarantine or not, she added, "I'm just pleased they were able to construct this." Bonds may form in a variety of ways. I'm delighted their friendship has grown since I know they both cherish it.

The friends even came together in 2021 to commemorate O'Neill's milestone birthday as she approached 100 years old. According to KARE 11, they play almost daily.
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