Antonio Banderas Still Calls His Ex-Stepdaughter Dakota Johnson His ‘Daughter’ Despite Being Divorced From Her Mother

Both in real life and in movies, Antonio Banderas has portrayed heroes. Since making his debut in the 1980s, he has established himself as a well-known Spanish actor, director, producer, and vocalist.

"Evita" (1996), "The Mask of Zorro" (1998), the "Spy Kids" series, and his part as Puss in Boots in the "Shrek" franchise and spin-off movies are a few of Banderas' most well-known performances.

In 1992, he was able to secure a highly acclaimed part in "The Mambo Kings." Later, in 1993, he had even more success costarring with Tom Hanks in the film "Philadelphia." When Madonna and Banderas played significant roles in "Evita," an adaptation of the musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, they were reunited.

The Spanish actor wed Ana Leza in the late 1980s; they later got divorced in 1996. He later wed Melanie Griffith, his co-star, at around the same time that they were filming "Two Much."

Prior to this, Griffith was married to both Don Johnson and Steven Bauer. She was already parents to Dakota and Alexander.

Dakota's world took a dramatic turn for the better when Banderas became her stepfather. He was there for her when things got hard. What's more, the two have demonstrated that you don't always need to be connected to someone to be a family member.

But the couple separated in 2015, claiming "irreconcilable differences" as the cause of their breakup, despite their assurances to everybody that it was done "in a loving and friendly manner."

Banderas was frequently referred to by Dakota as her "bonus dad." The father-daughter relationship between the two had remained unshakable even after Banderas and Griffith had divorced.

It was on the set of "Two Much," when Banderas met Griffith, who would become his second wife and co-star in the movie. After some time, they were engaged and got married in London in May of 1996.

Banderas greeted Griffith, who already kids Dakota and Alexander, with much affection. In the end, Stella, Griffith and Banderas' daughter, was born in the same year.

Banderas' stepchildren started to view him as a second father as soon as he moved into the home. People Magazine claims that they even gave him the endearing moniker "Paponio," which is a cross between "Papa" and "Antonio."

However, Banderas and Griffith's 20-year marriage came to an end in 2015 when they were divorced. Dakota in particular, the actor's stepchildren, stayed loyal to him in spite of this setback.

Dakota has frequently stated how much she loves and admires Banderas. Banderas won Best Actor at the 2019 Hollywood Film Awards for "Pain and Glory," and Dakota gave the presentation.

"I was quite fortunate to come from a family with a lot of marriages. After some time, I came to realize that my bonus dad is actually one of the most significant individuals in my life," Dakota said.

"My mother married a man when I was six years old, and he brought a whole new world of creativity and culture into our family, along with one incredibly magical little sister."

Dakota was excited to be giving her stepfather the award and was happy to remember how the actor had given her the foundations of both acting and life.

"I learned about genuine passion and discipline from Antonio. She exclaimed, "He would spend hours, even days, in his office attempting to get to the core of something he had developed an interest in, or a role he was preparing."

Dakota learned that she genuinely had acting skills thanks to Banderas. With just a few words in the Banderas-starring 1999 film "Crazy in Alabama," Dakota made her acting debut. Determining to do it right, though, she even hired an acting coach to help her rehearse her lines.

It wasn't the first time Dakota has given her father crucial time on set, according to Entertainment Online. While Banderas was collaborating with Madonna on "Evita," the pop diva received a knock on her door containing an Easter surprise.

I adore my kid, she is mine. "I've been traveling the world with her on my shoulders," Banderas said with fondness of her step-daughter, whom he still thinks of as his own daughter despite the formality of it all.

Even though he is no longer with the actress, Banderas cherishes his friendship with Griffith and their mixed family.

He reportedly remarked, "I remember those years as very effervescent and really beautiful," to Vulture

Melanie and I are no longer married, but she is still a member of my family. She is most likely my closest friend, if not my greatest friend overall. Alexander, Dakota, and young Estella are with me."

Banderas and Nicole Kimpel have been blissfully together since his divorce from Griffith, demonstrating how love knows no bounds and can overcome adversity and expectations.

The pair celebrated their eighth anniversary in May of 2022, and Banderas said on Instagram that they are "enjoying every second of it."

The actor said to back in 2015 that they had no intentions to get married or have kids since he needs the security that his relationship with Kimpel provides.

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