At 63, Fashion Influencer Mom Reveals How She Looks & Feels Younger(video)

A surprising social media phenomenon is altering the laws of fashion, which frequently elevate young. Although the name Gym Tan may not instantly evoke ideas of a fashion influencer, that is exactly what she is: a 63-year-old fashionista who is inspiring people of all ages and shattering stereotypes.

Gym Tan is a true TikTok celebrity who lives in Northern California. She is dispelling myths and demonstrating that style knows no age limits. Women who are afraid of aging and time passing are becoming more confident because to her online presence. This 63-year-old fitness fanatic has amassed almost a quarter of a million TikTok followers, solidifying her status as a role model for optimism and self-expression.

Tan had an unusual beginning to his path to become a TikTok phenomenon. She developed a sincere passion for fashion over her more than three decades in the fashion industry. She left the busy city of Hong Kong for the easygoing atmosphere of "casual California," nevertheless, and her career suffered as a result. That is, until Mya Miller, her 23-year-old daughter, intervened and made an unexpected suggestion.

Miller pushed her mother to showcase her own sense of style on TikTok, as she was starting her own career as a content maker. In 2021, Tan launched a fashion account on the video-sharing website. It started off as a creative expression before developing into a digital journal of Tan's modest and traditional wardrobe. The mother and daughter team had no idea that Tan would become an immediate viral sensation because to this bravery.

Following three weeks of posting videos, Tan reached 10,000 TikTok users. When she started creating material full-time in 2022, her internet following grew to over 140,000 individuals, as reported by Insider. Tan has 4.3 million likes and around 250,000 followers as of September 2023. She has a large following of Gen Z followers.

Tan is unique not just because of her age but also because of her ageless sense of style and captivating personality. She has amassed a plethora of followers thanks to her TikTok videos, which feature her effortlessly stunning ensembles and conclude with an endearing photo.

One of Tan's biggest moments occurred when she shared a video in July 2022 showing herself looking like a lot younger influencer while wearing the identical tight black dress. The film touched a nerve with viewers and got an abundance of positive feedback, amassing 1.6 million views.

But the fashionable mother's goal extends beyond showing off her great sense of taste. Her mission is to inspire others by spreading the idea that "Age is just a number." Tan and Miller began sharing videos of themselves wearing identical clothes online, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly favorable. Their ensembles have included everything from bikinis to sultry skirts and comfortable sweatpants.

On September 7, 2023, Tan celebrated her birthday and shared her method to looking younger in a new video, reinforcing her conviction in the aging process.

She remarked, "I actually think I look younger this year than I did last year. I said that before." "Therefore, I believe that not worrying about my age is keeping me looking younger."

"But over all, simply pay attention to what brings you joy. Put your attention on what brings you joy.

All ages are drawn to Tan's material, but her true influence comes from encouraging people to overcome their anxieties about becoming older.

Tan stated to Harper's Bazaar in August 2023, "At the end of the day, when I think about why I'm really doing this, it's to remind myself and everyone that style and beauty have no age." "I'm at the finest age of my life, and things can and will get better. I really feel younger now than I did when I first started.

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