Inside this legendary actor's cancer battle, memory loss and aging

I've always enjoyed seeing Michael Douglas perform; my two favorite films featuring that great actor are Wall Street and The Game.

However, the 78-year-old has changed significantly over the years, and his most recent public appearances have drawn attention.

When I was growing up, everyone seemed to agree that Michael Douglas was one of the most attractive and endearing performers of all time.

He was kind of the prototypical American man at the time of his big screen debut. The seasoned actor has demonstrated during his five decades in the business that he is capable of handling a wide range of parts and personas.

However, the Academy Award winner's most well-known roles are perhaps those of the melancholy billionaire Nicholas Van Orton (The Game) and the unscrupulous Gordon Gekko (Wall Street).

According to Douglas, "having an image and cultivating it brings security and safety to some people." Douglas made this statement to Today. But...Concerning the smooth, dark character element of some of my roles, I've never had to worry.

The nicest comment I receive is, "I don't know what the movie is about, but I know it's going to be good, because I see your name."

Michael Douglas, who will age 79 in 2023, can undoubtedly look back on a wonderful cinematic career with a number of classic films under his belt.

At a young age, Michael had a sense for the acting industry. During his childhood, he would often spend the summers with his father, Kirk Douglas, who was always filming movies. He spent his teenage years hanging around with his father on film sets, and when he realized he wanted to be an actor, he asked his father to help him land some roles.

Michael Douglas made his feature film debut as an uncredited driver in the film Cast a Giant Shadow, which also starred his father. Michael Douglas appeared briefly in the television series The F.B.I. before landing his first movie role. Quinn Martin, the producer, was impressed and gave Douglas a part in the upcoming police drama The Streets of San Francisco. When the program debuted in 1972, it would become Douglas's major break-through performance.

Michael created the iconic film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in 1975, which elevated him to a legendary status. Douglas received an Academy Award for Best Picture, one of the many honors bestowed to the movie.

With his roles as Gordon Gecko in Wall Street (1987), Falling Down (1993), and The Game (1997), Michael would go on to become a big Hollywood star. The Hollywood celebrity struggled to choose his favorite film when asked.

I have a respectable batting average, to borrow a baseball phrase. In 2023, he told The Guardian, "I can't say they are all grand-slam home runs, but I have a lot of hits, singles, maybe doubles, a couple of triples."

Update on Michael Douglas's health

Michael Douglas' look has altered, as a number of individuals have recently noted. It is not weird at all that our physical characteristics change as we age. We all go through the natural process of aging.

However, it's amazing how fast his physical look has changed, as reported by the Spanish daily Marca. In 2022, upon Michael Douglas's visit to France, Marca wrote an article.

The actor was spotted walking through a charming neighborhood's cobblestone streets while on a brief work trip in Paris. On the other hand, media said he appeared skinny and that his face looked "much more deteriorated."

Whatever your thoughts regarding the actor's remarkable physical makeover, Michael Douglas did go through a difficult period of time. Some may argue that it began when the seasoned actor received a tongue cancer diagnosis in 2010.

Douglas had been having mouth discomfort for a long time, but many medical professionals failed to identify the underlying cause of his issues. Douglas eventually sought advice from a friend's Canadian physician, but the response was not what he was hoping for.

"The expression on his face will always stick in my memory," Douglas said.

He declared: "A biopsy is necessary. No other doctor had noticed the walnut-sized tumor at the base of my tongue.

The actor had to start the harsh treatment right away because it was discovered that his cancer had progressed to an advanced stage.

Following eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, Michael was at his lowest point. He lost 45 pounds while on a liquid-only diet; by the time the therapy was over, not much of him remained.

Fortunately for Michael and his family, the treatment proved effective, and in 2011 the actor was proclaimed cancer-free. According to Michael, stress, binge drinking, and smoking were the causes of his tongue cancer.

But Michael Douglas offered an additional insight in a startling 2013 interview. Remarkably, Douglas claimed that having oral sex was the reason behind his cancer.

Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is the most prevalent sexually transmitted illness. He discussed how this virus caused his cancer.

"I did wonder if it wasn't brought on in part by the hardship my son's imprisonment produced. Indeed, a sexually transmitted infection is the cause of cancer. Additionally, cunnilingus is the greatest treatment if you have it, according to Michael Douglas.

Michaels's representative asserted following the headline-grabbing interview that the actor was talking about HPV in general and wasn't specifically referencing his diagnosis.

Douglas seemed to love life and maintain his physical fitness despite the difficult path he had during his cancer treatment. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had a detrimental effect on his health in several ways.

"When I realized how much energy I had lost during the pandemic, I was quite surprised," he remarked.

Michael became "much more couch potato-ing" throughout the epidemic and experienced difficulties with short-term memory and short-term recall of things.

"My short-term memory isn't that great, but my long-term memory is." In a 2021 interview with ARRP Magazine, Douglas said, "I'm looking into it."

His amnesia is "not fine" now days, even though it was maybe formerly thought to be kind of adorable. Given Douglas's candor regarding his marijuana use, many assumed that this was the reason behind his deteriorating memory.

However, the actor claims that this situation isn't related to his fondness for the dried hemp plant's leaves and blossoms.

I used to blame marijuana for it. However, I don't think that's the problem because I have friends who have smoked for just as long as I have and who have amazing memories. I'm looking into that," he remarked.

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