Man Sets Example For Meaningful Commitment By Staying With Longtime Partner Whose Looks Were Damaged By Fire

Even if chemistry in a relationship goes well beyond physical attraction, it's still necessary to be attracted to your spouse in order to have the greatest possible connection. Without it, you could feel more like you're talking to your buddy or roommate about important things rather than your spouse.

Turia Pitt, a lady, suffered serious burns in 2011 that significantly altered her look. She changed so much that it was nearly impossible to recognize her, yet her partner never left her side.

Pitt was unexpectedly engulfed in a Western Australia grassfire when she was racing in a 100-kilometer ultra-marathon. Pitt and the other contestants attempted to flee the flames, but their efforts were in vain because they had nowhere else to go. After enduring about 65% of her body in burns, she underwent over 200 surgical surgeries and needed years to recuperate.

With her incredible spouse at her side, Pitt has since rebuilt her life and used her platform to tell her story to the globe. The Australian lady is now well-known for her work as a motivational speaker, author, athlete, and mining engineer.

Ten years later, she and her fiancé Michael Hoskin are still going strong, having dated for a few years before Pitt suffered horrible burns. It is evident that the couple's love is genuine and that their relationship is destined to last because they overcame all barriers and hardships together.

As their 10-year anniversary drew near, Pitt was said to be "really proud" of her relationship with Hoskin, according to a Daily Mail article from August 2021. "Although it may sound corny, we're happy and we've been through something catastrophic and extremely traumatic," she remarked.

Pitt told more of her tale on her website. She was competing in an ultra-marathon when she got caught in a grassfire, which resulted in full-thickness burns over 65% of her body and a month-long medically-induced coma. Pitt had more than 200 surgical surgeries and lost seven fingers.

Pitt recovered for two years, undergoing physical therapy and donning a mask and full-body compression garment. She went on to perform a number of incredible feats. In addition to growing a company and coaching over 40,000 individuals through a digital course, she is the author of three best-selling books.

Over the years, Pitt and Hoskin have undoubtedly seen their fair share of highs and lows, but they have always supported one another. "It's very simple to admire someone for their positive traits and wish they would change their less impressive traits," Pitt said. "We do a good job of accepting each other as we are."

According to the Daily Mail, Hoskin really purchased the diamond ring back in 2011 while Pitt was in critical condition, despite the fact that the couple became engaged in 2015. Since then, the happy couple has begun their lovely family, welcoming two charming sons, Rahiti, born in February 2020, and Hakavai, born in December 2017. It's evident that Pitt and Hoskin have overcome the difficulties and are really committed to one another.

Turia reflected on the day that transformed her life in a blog post on her website:

"I was caught in a grassfire during an ultramarathon in September of 2011."

That's what I recall.

I recall my already burned flesh being scorched by the intense Kimberly sun.

I recall sitting on a bull ant colony by mistake. The ants began to crawl on my legs, and I was left staring in disbelief.

It was so hot that I tried to sip some water but ended up spitting it out.

I recall seeing pieces of my skin adhered to the spinifex and rocks.

I recall that we formed a small group and bonded together. The workers were working hard to build a parasol made of fluoro material that would shade Kate and me from the sun."

The post continued to highlight Turia and Michael's close bond, recalling her instant thought of him:

"I recall contemplating Michael, my Michael. I distinctly recall reminding myself, "Remember his golden complexion, his honey voice, and his warm face." Continue to consider Michael."

In addition to sharing her journey on her blog, Turia, a writer, coach, and teacher, also offers readers helpful life advice. Turia writes on a variety of topics. In some, she offers advice on confidence, in others, she discusses how to remove a stuck LEGO from a vacuum cleaner.

Turia and Michael's love story was illustrated through pictures in a Mother's Day article published by Now To Love Magazine. Michael also shared with the publication his favorite thing about Turia:

She is not interested in having sympathy extended to her. All she wants to do is go on with her life. She's fantastic, you know, and she's lovely. She exudes wild energy. We were always active together since she adores the great outdoors and the water just as much as I do."
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