Man’s Action With His Dog Under The Rain Attracts Much Attention(4 photos)

According to kenhthoisu, this owner will always stay beside his canine friend Alvin, who has had a stroke and is unable to stand up as he once could.

Agea Santos, who will always be there for his furry companion, Alvin, who suffered a stroke and can no longer stand up as before, stated, "I will take care of you till the end my furry son."

Taking care of a pet is a huge duty since it is a living thing that will only depend on the attention of its human father, much like rearing a kid. Since there will be joyful and sad times, having a furry buddy at home demands you to accept that, but the most crucial thing is to always be at his side.

Because of this, responsible pet owners will take all reasonable measures to ensure that their animals continue to enjoy life even when their bodies stop responding as they once did. Agea Santos of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, does this out of concern for his puppy's capacity to resume her normal life following a stroke.

He loved playing with his dog, Alvinfavorite, in the water and running in the rain. Even though he can no longer walk and has problems standing, Santos scoops him up so that he may still enjoy the sensation of the water pouring over him.

He still enjoys jogging in the rain and spending time in the water. After all that had happened, he wanted to recreate a pleasant memory. My furry child, I'll take care of you all the way through. Santos said in the post, "I want to convey my thanks to my wife Ray for taking such fantastic care of him.

The dog left a message for all pet owners while he was still able to play in the rain. Because he outgrows it too fast, "enjoy your hairy little baby before he becomes old or sick." He turned elderly and can't walk effectively after suffering a stroke, he said, adding that the video was taken two years ago.

"He lost movement on his left side as a result of the stroke, along with his eyesight, so he is gradually relearning how to walk." He was receiving acupuncture from one practitioner and physiotherapy from another; Santos said that he would soon resume these treatments because they were so helpful for his recovery.
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