Mom Dog At Shelter Keeps Getting Overlooked, Until One Little Girl Smiles At Her(video)

Suzie, a sweet little mother dog, had spent a long period at a shelter. Suzie was frequently passed over for younger canines, but she never lost faith. Then, unexpectedly, something happened one day in 2014, fulfilling her desire and making her tale popular online.

Most people view dogs not just as pets but also as children in many respects. And just as with kids, it may be painful to witness any that are abandoned or unwelcome. Suzie, a cute puppy, was frequently passed by adopters as they went by her every day, but she never gave up hope for a better life.

Suzie proceeded as usual to the front glass of her kennel where she sat and observed as people walked past her and down the corridor. But one day, to to Suzie's amazement, a little pair of feet not only halted, but also turned around and walked straight in her direction. A young girl's feet belonged there, and she stooped down to grin at Suzie as they clasped paws and hands on the glass.

Suzie apparently touched more than just the small girl's hand that day. It appears that the adorable little puppy managed to win over the young girl as well. Suzie's long-awaited moment of adoption into a family was finally realized as a result of this.

Suzie's life didn't seem very hopeful before she was adopted since she saw all the other dogs getting adopted while she was consistently passed over. Many other animals, like Suzie, are not adopted because of their age, health, or behavioral problems. The hesitancy is understandable given that vet expenses may be fairly expensive, but it is still a heartbreaking sight to watch.

Even though the majority of animal shelters are excellent establishments with staff members who are often quite compassionate and kind, an animal's time there can nonetheless be challenging. Living in a tiny, cramped room every day, in particular for a dog, may start to resemble a prison cell. This is what makes the situation so tragic, along with the fact that these animals aren't getting to experience a loving family setting.

Suzie's journey was documented in a video that has since gone viral, and it provides some insight into what her life was like when she resided in the animal shelter. The tenacious little canine would come to the window every day, perk up, and appear as lovely as possible with dreams that always came crashing down despite having to witness her four-legged friends being picked.

However, Suzie's life was instantly transformed because of a little girl who took the time to look at the small puppy. It appears that Suzie and her new acquaintance instantly bonded during that brief and hurried encounter. The film then shows Suzie curled up with the little girl, appearing really satisfied and joyful, after first portraying her life before this encounter.

The phrase "If this film about a shelter dog doesn't move you, check your pulse" appears in the popular video, and it couldn't be more accurate. While Suzie's story did have a happy ending, many other animals did not. Sadly, some animals will be left behind since there are simply not enough homes for all of the animals living in shelters.

Suzie's tale was changed in a couple of minutes thanks to a pair of little feet and a grin. If only all animals could experience the same joyous conclusion that Suzie did. By the conclusion of the film, Suzie is seen cuddling up to the little girl while relaxing on a blue blanket while a fire crackles in the distance.

Suzie not only looks to be delighted about being adopted, but it also seems like she feels the same way. It only goes to show that when animals are adopted, it helps to enhance both their new family' lives as well as the lives of the animals themselves.

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