11-year-old launches campaign to save the bees: "We're going to win"

Scarlett Harper has no fear, even around bees. The 11-year-old Illinois kid started a campaign to conserve the bees after learning that mosquito insecticides were eradicating them in her area.

She said on Instagram in May, "Go make some calls, get some state reps on board, let's do this!"

The "Bee Bill," also known as Illinois HB 3118, was drafted by Harper and State Representative Robyn Gabel. It tries to limit the use of insecticides for controlling mosquitoes that can kill bees. The measure passed the state's Energy and Environment Committee with a unanimous 29-0 vote after Harper cold-called politicians and managed to recruit 22 co-sponsors.

Bees are absolutely essential to humans, she declared. "They are essential to our ability to exist since they pollinate a third of our food supply."

According to Harper's parents, she discovered her own enthusiasm for the environment. She discovered her passion of gardening when she was quite young. She claimed she discovered a plot to clear trees for a development project in her town when she was nine years old. She became a member of the Environmental Forestry Commission in her community and approached authorities to attempt to halt the project.

Harper is far more youthful than the majority of those battling to pass legislation. However, she claimed that she sees her age as a benefit.

I've been fortunate to have a bit more freedom to be direct and irritated with how slowly progress is made as a young person trying to make a difference in halting the climate disaster, she added. I became aware of this early on and began speaking up to address the issue.

Because I'm a little younger, she said, "Instead of thinking of my age as a disadvantage, I try to utilize it as a tool." "I can't let myself get caught up in what may go wrong."

The Bee Bill had a promising beginning, but it ran into resistance from pesticide manufacturers and landscapers, and by the conclusion of the session, it was deadlocked. Harper is now much more committed to fight for the bees as a result, though. She expressed her hope that the bill will be reintroduced during the next session.

She declared, "We're going to win.

CBS News questioned, "You're not giving up?"

Not at all, she answered.
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