Brother Makes Breathtaking Prom Dress For Sister Because Family Can't Afford To Buy One(video)

Asey Lu Francisco Oyao, a Filipino resident, was unable to purchase a dress for her senior prom the previous year. Fortunately, despite their family's financial circumstances, her beloved brother, the gifted Maverick Francisco Oyao, stepped in to assist his sister attend the dance in style. The college student from Zamboanga City utilized his imagination and creative abilities to create a spectacular gown from the ground up using sketches for a bespoke outfit.

Maverick's masterpiece is really suitable for a princess, as seen by the dress's exquisite, hand-painted bodice, ornate crisscross pattern skirt, and puffy sleeves. Maverick received assistance from the Facebook community, who followed his progress on the social media platform, in order to complete this clothing. Global users contributed stuff so that Maverick may realize his sister's desire.

Even "Your Morning" and other foreign outlets have taken up this touching tale of brotherly love after Maverick wrote his last update in February 2020.

Those who have followed Maverick's dress-making adventure on Facebook since the beginning have, understandably, been equally moved and amazed by this brother's amazing labor of love.

After seeing Maverick's final creation, Eddie Confetti commented on Facebook, saying, "You have an amazing talent and a gorgeous model to build upon." "The future is bright for the two of you. Remember where you came from and how wonderful generosity is at all times. You'll become well-known and your abilities will develop. People will battle for your creations to be worn. Remain modest.

In a post dated February 14, 2020, Maverick shared a "untold story of a loving kuya (older brother)" in a combination of Filipino and English.
According to Lu Asey's elder brother, her family and she recognized they would not have enough money for a dress when their high school announced the senior prom. Maverick claimed that this was especially upsetting because his sister had shown a strong desire to attend the dance. She actually "insisted" on going to prom.

Maverick then set to work, using YouTube and Google to search the internet for fresh inspiration. The college student claimed that Michael Cinco, a Filipino fashion designer, was a major source of inspiration. Cinco has established himself as one of Asia's most well-known designers since relocating to Dubai from the Philippines in 1997. He has created gowns for celebrities including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Carrie Underwood.

Even the pickiest fashionistas will be impressed by Maverick's handcrafted outfit, even if he may be a far way from Cinco's fame and the red carpet. His ability was undeniably noticed by his Facebook admirers.

"This is not just a gesture of love, but it's the most exquisite, breathtakingly gorgeous, and breath-taking ball gown I have ever seen. I think this is an amazing craft, therefore I give it a big thumbs up and like. Carina Lynn said, "I want to give you a big hug and tell you how proud I am of you," in response to Maverick's Facebook post.

Maverick has stayed modest in the face of all the attention and acclaim he has gotten, and he was quick to express gratitude to everyone for their support.

"I am very appreciative of all of your kind words and praises, gentlemen. I am grateful that you have acknowledged my good actions and that you have read and listened to my narrative. The teenage designer said, "I am so happy knowing that I have inspired many people 😘❣️," in the post's comments.
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