Penguin Isolated In Zoo Gets Over Feelings Of Loneliness By Binge-Watching Pingu(video)

Perhaps as a result of human influence, animals have started engaging in some very strange pastimes. Videos of singing dogs, piano-playing cats, and ferrets pulling out circus acts can be found everywhere on social media. The following animal has picked up an odd interest from its human friends. By August 2020, Pierre, a rockhopper penguin living at the Perth Zoo in Australia, will be quarantined because of a medical condition. The team devised a unique entertainment program to divert the penguin from his loneliness.

A rockhopper penguin, Pierre. He is a very unusual bird and is less than a year old. According to Perth Zoo, there are currently less than 240,300 breeding rockhopper pairs worldwide.

You might be curious as to how he came to Australia given that rockhoppers generally inhabit islands near the Indian or South Atlantic oceans. Pierre had been on a lengthy swim when he was discovered on a beach in southwest Australia, according to experts. He was sent to the Perth Zoo to rest up after his exhausting journey.

Pierre's moulting stopped in the middle of the procedure while he was being held. The zookeepers hypothesized that Pierre had either been exposed to something in the environment or didn't have enough nutrition to develop new feathers. Perth Zoo reported that the long-distance swimmer was also extremely underweight.

Although there are other penguins at the zoo, Pierre was the only rockhopper there. He had no acceptable company because he was so far away from home. As a result, nobody was available to keep the little bird amused.

Zookeepers started showing Pierre films and live streaming to ease his homesickness. The youngster enjoys spending time with an understanding person while watching the shows, which are aired on an iPad. During his viewing periods, Pierre has been observed fluttering his wings and paying close attention to the TV.

What does a penguin prefer to watch? Penguins in general, of course! Pierre is drawn to seeing live feeds of other birds from the Edinburgh and Kansas City zoos. He also enjoys Pingu, an animated film about a family of penguins.
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