Hospital Staff Erupt In Song For Boy Who Is Cancer-Free After 42 Rounds Of Chemo

Even though kids might be annoying at times, it's easy to forget that they are also capable of incredible things. Some excel in the classroom, in athletics, or in the arts above and beyond expectations. Then there are some truly exceptional boys and girls who experience tragedy at an early age yet overcome it with unanticipated fortitude, perseverance, and patience.

This was the situation with little Henry, who received a leukemia diagnosis in 2020. After receiving 42 rounds of chemotherapy and 23 blood transfusions over the course of 865 days of treatment, the small child's cancer was ultimately determined to have eradicated.

The Little Wishes team at the Children's Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tennessee, planned a little party in recognition of Henry's outstanding accomplishment. Henry can be seen leaping up and down and grinning broadly in a sweet viral video that was captured at the event and shared on May 27, 2022. The staff members surrounding him are applauding and clapping. To celebrate the unique event, he was also sporting a T-shirt with the words "cancer-free" printed on it.

Henry was shown seated behind a banner that said "SURVIVOR" while the crew chanted, "No more chemo for you, no more chemo for you," to the tune of "Happy Birthday To You." Several employees can be seen recording the wonderful occasion with their phones, clearly enjoying witnessing Henry's happiness.

After Henry and his family's arduous two-year battle with the illness, the camera turns to his tearful mother, who is shown rinsing away tears of relief and happiness.

Henry receives a hearty round of applause from the workers once they have completed singing, which he well deserves. Henry leaps up and starts running about the room while grinning and laughing, waving golden ornamental pom-poms.

The ecstatic kid is then showered with shimmering golden confetti by the crew. He is then asked to ring a bell that has the names of other cancer survivors written against it. He rings the bell, making the audience laugh, and ignores a request for a picture with it out of enthusiasm.

But that wasn't all; at the end of the film, Henry is seen demonstrating his kind and thoughtful personality by assisting the employees in sweeping up the confetti that has fallen to the ground. Henry signs a wall at the end of the film, signaling the end of his hospital stay and the beginning of brighter times.

After CBS News tweeted the video, a lot of people were touched by Henry's tale, with many congratulating him on his accomplishment and wishing him well.

"It's excellent! Now go off and enjoy your life!" written @AttySwiggart.

"Henry, good luck! It's nice to see you beaming and making people happy. Heroic battle!" Tweeted by @JorikvVlastuin.

Henry was also praised by @TonyThompson for his assistance with cleanup following the celebration.

"The kid's a superhero."

Henry's story is really inspiring, and his celebration at the end of his treatment marks the ideal start of a new chapter in his life free of cancer. With the same contagious grin, contagious energy, and contagious laughing as in the video, we can't wait for Henry to take on the world. Cheers, Henry!

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