Dax Shepard And Kristen Bell Paid $142 For Their Wedding — And They Don't Regret It

Two American actresses, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, have been together since 2009. You might be surprised by the couple's wedding ceremony, which took place in 2013. Bell and Shepard chose a much more subdued look since they didn't want the spotlight to shine on them as superstars. The fact that they committed their life to one another and have been together ever since is what counts. Their daughters, Delta and Lincoln, are theirs.

In Huntington Woods, Michigan, on July 18, 1980, Kristen Bell was born. During her tenure at Shrine Catholic High School in Royal Oak, Michigan, she participated in a number of plays. Bell attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University after graduating, but she left before earning her degree after being chosen for a Broadway play. When she was chosen for the starring part on "Veronica Mars," her career took off. She is still most recognized for the series.

On January 2, 1975, Dax Shepard was born in Highland Township, Michigan. Shepard worked for his mother, who oversaw PR events for General Motors, from the age of 14 until he completed high school. He got to go and see racetracks with his mother. Before going to UCLA to complete his undergraduate studies in anthropology, Shepard attended West Los Angeles College and Santa Monica College. His major break came from working with Ashton Kutcher on the television series "Punk'd."

Continue reading to find out more about Bell and Shepard's relationship and the reasons for their choice for a more understated wedding.

Bell and Shepard have both been very transparent and honest about their personal issues. Dax said that his wife has been encouraging while he works on his addiction recovery. But there were still difficulties in the path. Says Shepard:

"As she should be, my wife exudes confidence. At the start of the relationship, there was a lot of envy, and for good cause. I had spent nine years in an open relationship. I lived a large portion of my life in the dark. It's true that she had several reasons to be worried."

From the beginning of their relationship, Bell was honest about her own fears. Dating Dax was intimidating at first because of his history of recovery and his overwhelming energy, but I soon realized that he had it inside of him. He's got everything excellent. And I was shown to be correct," she remarked.

The pair wants others to understand that love isn't always easy and that it requires effort. "We don't want anyone to think we met and it's been easy because that's a bad expectation to have for a relationship, and especially for a marriage," Shepard stated.

Bell and Shepard said they had previously gone to couple's counseling and that they had found it to be beneficial. Bell revealed:

We realize every few years that we shouldn't be acting so antagonistically against one another. We return to therapy and work out how we can better serve this shared goal—what I'm not doing that's best for you, and what you're not doing that's best for me. It has been quite beneficial.

The pair was excited to dedicate their life to one another when they made the decision to be married. They took a non-traditional approach, though. Says Shepard:

"We had no desire for a wedding. At the courthouse, we paid one hundred dollars. Who's invited? We didn't want to take anything and make it more stressful. Since we would like to purchase a family member a home, what's for dinner?

Bell said that the total expense of the event was remarkably minimal. "I think the playlist and the car's petrol were included in the $147 total. The cost for the day was $147, she said. He also purchased all of my favorite high school tunes to listen to in the vehicle on the way there.

Bell claimed she would not have gone crazy if they had registered for presents. Since I am prone to impulsive purchases, the actress revealed, "Pragmatically speaking, I would want to register for anything that caught my eye." I used to compile a list in advance and select the twenty-five most necessary goods, such as pots and pans or lightbulbs. You really need light bulbs, even though I realize it's not very glamorous to put them on your register.

Bell reports that she still enjoys attending weddings, despite the fact that they chose to wed at a courtroom. "I enjoy watching the vows," she continued. Promises made in public still appeal to me. We've attended a few of friends' large-scale weddings, and their vows—a public declaration of love for one another—have been amazing to watch. It's strangely moving even when I don't know a couple all that well.

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