Inspirational Teen With Autism Uses 65,000 Legos To Build Largest Toy Replica Of Titanic(video)

Brynjar Karl Birgisson, a 17-year-old Icelandic resident, has autism. He is fascinated with the Titanic and Legos. In 2013, he combined his passions to create the biggest Lego Titanic replica in the world.

This massive endeavor required 700 hours of labor from Birgisson over an 11-month period. In addition, he needed roughly 56,000 Lego pieces to complete the construction of his spacecraft, but 65,000 were required after a front component broke. The final measurements were 24 feet long and 5 feet tall.

Birgisson is now the internationally recognized name for "The Lego kid." With his model, he traveled the globe. It has been on exhibit at a number of museums in Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Since October 2019, the model created by Birgisson has been on display at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Until 2020, it stayed there.

The museum talked about Birgisson's concept during a Q&A session. Birgisson lost patience and thought about abandoning up a few times when the stern collapsed. He also discussed how his mother and grandfather helped him over the course of his endeavor.

Birgisson continues to astound people across the globe with his amazing Lego creations. Continue reading to see what Birgisson has created and what lies ahead for "the Lego guy."

Birgisson's grandfather reportedly assisted him with the math to make sure his model was precise, according to Titanic Pigeon Forge. His presumptions led him to believe that a Lego man standing four centimeters tall would be the same height as someone standing 1.75 meters (5'8′′) tall.

He thus understood how big the model needed to be and how many Lego bricks were required to build it.

When Birgisson needed an adult to complete a task, like finding a warehouse to assemble the model in or using internet crowdsourcing, his mother assisted him. She also helped him with the interviewing procedure.

Birgisson talked about his idea and the difficulties he encountered at a TED Talk. In his book My Autistic X Factor, which he also published, he defines a "x factor" as a special skill. Everyone has an X component that makes them distinctive, says Birgisson, they just need some time to find it.

On his website, Birgisson also talks about his most recent project, a documentary titled How the Titanic Became My Lifeboat. The film focuses on Birgisson's model and how it helped him.

It made its debut in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, in March 2020, according to Attractions Magazine. Birgisson believes that his movie will improve people's knowledge of autism and encourage organizations to be more accepting.

Birgisson is always creating new Lego models. In May 2022, he and his friend Mikael took a plane to Denmark to display his Lego Boeing 737 at the Frederiksberg Center in Copenhagen. Watch to see what this brilliant individual comes up with next!

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