Jaclyn Smith From 'Charlie's Angels' Is Still Kicking It At 77(4 photos)

During the 1970s, Jaclyn Smith was a well-known personality who was most recognized for her part in the hit television series Charlie's Angels. Smith has pursued other endeavors after making her big-screen debut, such as becoming a prosperous entrepreneur and the global inspiration to millions of people.

The well-known actress is currently 77 years old. After a very successful lifestyle of managing her enterprises and performing, she is happy to finally settle down and spend her days with her family. She continues to live up to her assertion that family is one of her most significant life priorities.

Smith is still an intriguing, driven lady even though she is no longer known as Kelly Garrett. She has worked in the entertainment business for more than 40 years, winning several accolades for her performances and becoming a Hollywood icon.

Her modesty is what distinguishes her from other A-list celebrities, despite her rise to stardom in the profession. Smith has never wavered from being loyal to who she is and her empathy for everyone around her. Jaclyn Smith is blessed with a loving family and an amazing profession. At the age of 77, she is not only the mother of her own children but also of her grandchildren.

On October 26, 1945, Jaclyn Smith was born in Houston, Texas. After receiving her first pair of dance shoes at the age of three, she made the decision to pursue a career as a professional ballerina.

Jaclyn learned as a child to always cherish her family, and she has carried this concept into adulthood. She asserts that her upbringing in Houston shaped the person she became as an adult. Her pleasure and delight have always been based on her family.

Jaclyn enrolled at Trinity University to pursue acting after high school. She was soon starring in many productions, such as West Side Story and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Jaclyn was not happy even though she had made it to the stage.

Despite not having the required training, she continued to dream of becoming a dancer. She was chosen to appear in a Breck shampoo ad in 1973. Jaclyn Smith came to the attention of the world shortly after that.

She created her own distinctive fragrance while working with Max Factor. After its 1989 release, the scent quickly became well-liked by both younger and older female consumers.

Jaclyn relocated to New York City following her college graduation, where she anticipated having no shortage of possibilities to advance her profession. Despite the fact that New York was far from her home, she claimed that her time there was invaluable. She improved her talents and made a number of new contacts. She entered the world of dancing as a result.

She was given parts in TV series and modest advertisements when she started dancing. She discovered that acting was more her style than dancing as she started to participate in more plays. Jaclyn was cast in shows like McCloud and Switch. She was well-known at the time for her parts in indie TV shows, but that all changed when she was chosen for Charlie's Angels.

Kelly Garrett, played by Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn was anxious and thought she wouldn't be a good fit for the role during the audition. She says she went there for pleasure and had no desire to win the part. The show's creators were looking for a redhead woman to fill the part at first, but they quickly saw that Jaclyn was the ideal candidate. She would be a fantastic addition to the cast and has a nice rapport with the other starring ladies.

The program debuted in 1976 and rose to prominence gradually but steadily. The exploits of Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, and Kelly Garrett soon made headlines in the film industry. Throughout its run, the program received several Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominations. The provocative clothes the actresses wore may have caused some spectators to think the program was a little controversial, but at the time, the actresses didn't appear to mind.

Feminists disapproved of the show only because of how femininity was represented. In any case, Jaclyn believed that other people's perspectives didn't matter as long as she stayed loyal to herself. She was offered several additional parts throughout the course of the show's run, and she stayed on it. She was cast in the film Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, which came out the same year the program ended.

An Businessperson

Jaclyn Smith started her own clothes and accessory company when she was living in Hollywood. It was a huge success, and Jaclyn started to inspire women all across the world. She was not only at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry, but she was also going into business.

Jaclyn was married to renowned cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond in 1981. Four years later, they started a modest family with their child. Jaclyn, who is 77 years old, is attempting to make as many memories with her family as she can by spending a lot of time with them. She thinks that she has achieved great success in life because of her family, who she says inspired her to strive harder in her business.

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