Man Ignores Warning & Sets Out To Reunite With Gorilla 5 Years After He Raised It(video)

Some narratives seem like fairy tales until we really experience them. British naturalist Damian Aspinall set out to find Kwibi, a gorilla he had nurtured but hadn't seen in five years, from one of Africa's numerous forests.

According to Aqua Vita Studios, Aspinall reared Kwibi in the Howletts Wild Animal Park, which is where he was born and grown in England. But Aspinall understood that putting Kwibi back in his natural environment was the proper thing to do. He therefore allowed the gorilla to return to its natural habitat in Gabon, West Africa.

Kwibi was released by Aspinall at the age of five, as part of a conservation initiative to bring gorillas back into the wild.

Aspinall made the decision to go on a mission because he wanted to meet Kwibi again after five years. Aspinall was informed by fellow conservationists operating in Gabon's woods that Kwibi was hostile toward humans and had even assaulted the previous two individuals who encountered him.

But Aspinall was keen to get back in touch with Kwibi. Taking into consideration what the other environmentalists had informed him, he also took the appropriate safeguards.

Aspinall continued his quest by boat to locate Kwibi in the vast bush. As they navigated a river, he and his group heard Aspinall calling for Kwibi.

"I was adamant about seeing him. My brother and I boarded the boat and spent many hours going up and down the river. Aspinall remarked, "I had a call for the gorillas.

The team saw Kwibi as the boat rounded a bend. After hearing Aspinall's call, the now 10-year-old gorilla approached the river's bank to greet him. Aspinall thought Kwibi looked amazing, but what would happen if they eventually met in person?

After spotting Kwibi, Aspinall and his group pulled the boat to the river's banks. Years had passed since their last encounter, and Aspinall was unsure about the gorilla's reaction. He and his group decided to toss food in case the gorilla turned hostile before they disembarked. Aspinall, nevertheless, didn't give up hope that Kwibi would acknowledge him.

After jumping from the boat, Aspinall was able to meet Kwibi again. Kwibi approached him hesitantly as he sat on the ground, and the two pressed their heads together. Kwibi let out a couple low, rumbling growls to let Aspinall know he was alright. As they sat across from one another, Aspinall bit on a leaf and then gave it to Kwibi.

It was amazing to feel such love and passion in his gaze as he peered directly into my eyes. We just kind of sat there, intoxicated by one another. Aspinall described their encounter as "just beautiful," saying "He embraced me like a long-lost friend."

After giving Aspinall such a tender embrace, other of Kwibi's troop members quickly visited him. Before returning to the mainland, all he wanted to make sure of was that Kwibi was well. It was time for Aspinall and the crew to get off as the sun started to fade, but Kwibi, who was sitting behind Aspinall with his arms wrapped around him, would not let him go. Eventually, they had to entice him away with some raisins in order for Aspinall to return to the boat.

To Aspinall's surprise, Kwibi followed the boat and established himself and his family on the opposite side of the river from Aspinall's camp. During a morning swim the next day, Aspinall saw Kwibi once more.

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