Woman Becomes The Oldest Person To Skydive At The Age Of 104(video)

One of those things that individuals frequently put to their bucket list is skydiving, but not everyone believes that it is something that can be accomplished in old age. This is the story of a woman who broke the record for being the oldest skydiver and beat all odds.

In October 2022, an article appeared in Today, stating that Dorothy Hoffner, a Chicago resident living in an apartment, accomplished the unimaginable at the age of 104 by skydiving twice in her life despite being an elderly person.

Hoffner, who had never been married and had no children, had done her second dive with Skydive Chicago earlier that month under the guidance of Derek Baxter, a qualified tandem instructor with the U.S. Parachute Association.

Hoffner informed the newspaper that despite the fact that some people find this kind of action frightening, she didn't feel anxious while leaping from a height of 13,000 feet.

"A strong wind gust arrived and blew us around just as we were ready to get off the plane. That bit was enjoyable, she said.

Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson of Sweden, who skydived at the age of 103 years and 259 days, appears to have held the record before her.

As of October 2023, Skydive Chicago was collaborating with Guinness World Records to validate Hoffner's skydiving experience, according to a report from FOX 32 Chicago.

She informed the source that she became interested in skydiving after she became 100 years old. She had promised to discuss the idea with her buddy Joe Conant in 2019.

In terms of her private life, Hoffner spent almost 40 years working for Illinois Bell Telephone. When she was in her 60s, she made the decision to retire.

Given that her father lived into his 80s and her mother reached the age of 92, her longevity may have been influenced by her genes.

Hoffman used to travel the world, demonstrating her adventurous nature even in her early years. She really disclosed that, with the exception of Alaska, she has traveled to every state in the US.

She battled health problems that prevented her from driving and reading until the age of 104, such as macular degeneration and surgery to remove malignant breast tissue.

Regretfully, Dorothy Hoffner died in October 2023, a few days after her second skydiving trip.

The Chicago Tribune was informed by her close friend Joe Conant, who also used to work at the Brookdale Senior Living community where Hoffner resided, that the woman passed away quietly as she slept.

He added to the source that Hoffner didn't jump just to break a record and that she didn't initially desire the media attention she received.

He said that she wasn't attempting the world record; rather, she was doing it because she wanted to go skydiving.

Hoffner stated to Today that she wished to go on a hot air balloon flight when she celebrated her 105th birthday in December 2023.

She seemed happy with her life, even though she passed away, as she had earlier said in an interview: "I didn't expect to be this old... I've had an amazing life," she remarked.

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