Mom Claims Parents Should Not Change Their Baby's Diapers Without Consent(video)

After one of her recent regular broadcast appearances, comedian Russell Brand's mother and close friend Lottie Daley has stirred some controversy.

Lottie spoke on the UK show "This Morning" how infants learn about bodily autonomy and that you should always get permission from a kid before touching them. This applies to when you tease them or change their diaper.

It's advisable to inform your child that you will be changing their diaper, according to Lottie. You ought to inform them that their body belongs to them and that it is not yours.

A "yes" or "no" response from them isn't really important. It's all about developing the habit of asking your child if they are OK with what is going on or what you are doing to them. Lottie continues by emphasizing the need of discussing consent well before a person reaches adolescence.

She goes into further depth on how to talk to your kids about these problems. She talks about how her girls don't appear to be comfortable having someone other than their mother tickle them. Her children respond "yes" when she asks if they enjoy being tickled, according to her statement. However, they said "no" when asked if they would be comfortable having someone else tickle them. This was because it wasn't their mother, and they were afraid they wouldn't know this person.

There was another individual in the studio that day who thought otherwise. Vanessa Feltz, a television personality, said that tickling is nothing more than pure love. She thinks it's unfortunate that you can't tickle a youngster because you're not on their terms.

It's an innocent kind of love, she says. It's a playful and tender way to make physical touch with your youngster. This demonstrates to them your need for love and how much they will love you in return. She feels that this is not at all encroaching on their personal space.

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