Nursing Home Has Own Golden Retriever Puppy To Help Cheer Up Residents(video)

Watching a cute video of a beautiful animal, such as a fluffy bear cub, a cute dog, or a cuddly cat, is always a good option when you're feeling depressed. In Scotland, South Dakota, there is a retirement and assisted living home where people may engage with dogs instead of just seeing footage of them! A golden retriever puppy named Gracie has established herself as a fixture in the local Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, which is a retirement center for the elderly.

Despite the fact that 2020 and 2021 have been filled with their fair share of obstacles and problems, some older citizens have noticed hope. The newest addition to their assisted living home has brought joy and optimism to many of the residents. For a few of the nursing home's patients, Gracie's unceasing smiles and positive outlook make her one of the highlights of the day.

Living apart from your loved ones may be difficult, particularly in these strange times. For this reason, Gracie was introduced to the residents of the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society with the help of her owner, who works at the assisted living facility. When she started going to the retirement home on a regular basis in March 2021, she was just 3 months old. Since then, she has grown to be one of the most cherished visitors, making as many seniors smile as she can.

According to a PEOPLE article from March 2021, Gracie is a wonderful friend for "those in their golden years of adulthood." Her owner, Pam Stewart, the social services manager of the Scotland, South Dakota, site, brought her to the assisted living facility. In a post announcing the center's new pet that same month, the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society described Gracie's job as “bringing happiness and joy to residents and staff.” Gracie seems to be doing a great job, based on this adorable video of her with the inmates of the institution.

The golden retriever puppy was shown in the video snuggling up with a few of the nursing home patients and making sure to show lots of love and attention to everyone she encountered. She appeared to be a huge favorite of everyone she encountered, and it was evident that the locals felt the same way since they were always eager to play with and provide affection to the contented canine.

According to PEOPLE, Gracie is always escorted by a staff member throughout the facility to guarantee the safety of both the puppy and her human companions. Every day, she usually sees around thirty elderly people and goes with Stewart to work. Hope, the facility dog, passed away in November 2020, causing the residents to experience grief at the time.

Stewart said on Good Morning America, "Since she came, we've seen a lot of changes." "There have been many grins and embraces. As opposed to what they've witnessed in the outside world, it's providing them with enough to discuss. Gracie has clearly turned into a ray of sunshine for the elderly inmates of the nursing home.

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