101-Year-Old Woman Adopts Oldest Cat at Shelter for "Match Made In Heaven"

This demonstrates that happy endings do exist. An adorable tale from the Humane Society of Catawba County, North Carolina, is sure to warm the hearts of animal lovers everywhere!

In September 2021, a 19-year-old shelter cat named Gus was brought to the facility. In an email to Daily Paws, Jane Bowers, executive director of the Humane Society of Catawba County, states that his original owner was "heartbroken" when they were forced to relinquish him because of unanticipated events. Naturally, anyone would find it distressing to consider having to give up their cherished cat. Fortunately, though, there is still more to this elderly cat's tale.

After arriving at the shelter, Gus underwent a health exam, which according to Bowers revealed he was in "exceptional health"—a significant accomplishment for a cat that would soon turn 20! Bowers expressed her concerns about the cat having to spend his senior years in a shelter setting, despite the shelter having resources to offer further medical treatment and help from the Pat Anderson Center for Animal Adoption and Humane Education, a sister facility in Hickory, N.C.

An Odd Coincidence

It would not be long before Bowers's worries were answered. The director of the shelter got an unexpected call shortly after Gus arrived from a family searching for a pet to help their elderly mother. They especially inquired as to whether they may adopt an older cat. The family told Bowers that their mother, Penny, 101, had lost her cat a while ago. Although they had given her a plush animal to snuggle with in its place, Penny wasn't happy with anything that didn't purr. (Penny, you are not to blame.)

"We were cautious because of the age of all parties, but the family said they were willing to care for the cat on behalf on their mother," says Bowers. The adoption was processed swiftly since it was a "match made in heaven". These two were destined to be together, based on the gorgeous photos that the shelter posted to Facebook. Gus loves to watch the squirrels outside his new home and is quickly feeling quite at home.

In a statement on September 30, the shelter expressed their gratitude for this wonderful connection, saying "With this lovely adoption, our hearts are overflowing. Our Great-GrandPAW, who is 19 years old (133 in human years), has found love in the arms of his 101-year-old new mama. Gus-Gus, congratulations! I'm wishing you the finest days ever, filled with cuddles and love-filled moments spent with squirrels."

Gus seems to be settling into his new living arrangement rather nicely, as well. Regarding Gus and Penny's quality of life, Bowers replies that Gus "had settled in fine and was eating like a horse."

The touching tale of Gus and Penny highlights the significance of the relationship that exists between people and their pets. A joyful ending that makes you wag your tail is always possible!
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