Dog Keeps Appearing At School Every Day, And A Teacher Decided To Help Him(video)

One thing that lost or homeless dogs have in common is that a large number of them will always ask nicely for assistance from people.

As a matter of fact, hardly no dog will ever approach a person too closely. Rather, they will only bide their time and hope that someone will notice them.

In this tale, a dog waited to be rescued from his existence in front of a school for the better part of his days.

Caleb Schaffer, an elementary school teacher in Houston, Texas, was perplexed as to why a dog was at the entryway when he noticed it just as he was leaving for work.

The dog was continually wagging his tail, as if he was curious to see the guy. But Schaffer had to start teaching and didn't have much time, so he left him there.

In an interview with The Dodo, he stated: "He was sitting directly outside the main door when he noticed me, and his tail started thumping."

He walked outside to see whether the unfortunate puppy was still there after class because he had been thinking about helping him a lot.

He was surprised to see the dog had vanished from sight. Staff members at a nearby animal shelter apparently scared him off by attempting to grab him.

But the next morning, he was back at the school door, and the whole thing happened again.

This time, Schaffer chose to assist the dog the following time he visited the school after noticing how awful the dog's skin looked and how thin he was.

The Third Time Is Lucky

When the third day eventually arrived, the same thing had already happened. Schaffer brought the puppy to his car and returned to his house after deciding he wouldn't let him go this time. He then requested his wife to stay with him until he got home from work.

Schaffer thought that he could phone the Texas rescue groups after school and see if he could help the dog, but they were all full.

He thus took the next best action. He brought the puppy to an animal shelter in his community so that it might get medical attention and a wash.

"I figured some basic vet care at the shelter was better than nothing," Schaffer stated. He was in actual pain.

After his tale was posted on Facebook, the dog—now known as Clive—attracted the attention of Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption, who secured foster care for him right away.

Even though this incident happened a while ago, Schaffer still enjoys sharing it with his children and emphasizing the importance of giving stray animals a helping hand.

He said, "There are so many stray animals here." I've been able to discuss heartworm prevention, spaying and neutering, the realities of shelters, and more.

Clive was placed in foster care a long time ago, and it's unknown if he was adopted. However, one thing is certain: he is a cheerful, well-mannered dog that deserves all the love in the world.

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