$3M Lottery Winner Plans Dream Alaska Vacation with Terminally Ill Husband(video)

According to Pennsylvania lottery authorities, Penny Reep bought the winning ticket at a Chicora shop on October 16, when she was out for a dental visit.

After winning $3 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket, a Pennsylvania lady is now preparing to accompany her dying husband to Alaska for his ideal vacation.

According to a press statement from Pennsylvania Lottery, Penny Reep, 50, of Armstrong County, bought the winning ticket on October 16 after making a trip at Rummy Mart on South Main St. in Chicora.

The woman said that she had been to the business "to exchange some winning tickets" before her dental appointment in Butler that day. She ended up winning big on one of the new tickets she purchased, $3 Million Diamonds and Gold.

Penny said to lottery officials, "I'm not seeing this right. I scratched the $30 ticket." However, as soon as she examined it, she knew she had won.

Penny remembered, "I grabbed the counter and started crying." "I felt like my feet were coming out from under me and I was having chest pain."

After three days, Penny collected her earnings. She is now preparing to accompany her spouse on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Alaska, as he suffers from a "very rare" and incurable form of cancer.

Penny declared, "It was always a pipe dream." "I'll be able to give him everything he's ever wanted now."

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According to ABC station WTAE-TV, Penny's husband Pat was sent to the hospital in 2021 for what he thought was a hernia. It was then discovered that Pat had stage 3 cancer.

Afterwards, medical professionals discovered that he had an uncommon type of cancer that usually affects kids. It took some time to remove the football-sized tumor.

We're not sure how long we have with him, Penny said to lottery representatives. "I've been trying to take care of him because he can't work anymore, but I'm also having health issues."

The pair is now anticipating their future excursions. According to WTAE-TV, the two also intend to see their grandkids in Massachusetts.

Pat and Penny are eager to give back "again." The couple's friends told CBS station KDKA that the couple has devoted a large portion of their life to helping others.

According to WTAE-TV, Penny stated, "It's been a true struggle mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally, and now we're actually able to help give back again to people that helped us through our roughest time."

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