The real story behind the heroic photo of the horse that saved the drowning blind dog(5 photos)

"Agripin," the horse, was swimming along the Danube River when he noticed a puppy that needed to be saved from drowning. Unable to find its way back to land, a small blind dog escaped from a nearby pier and drifted far out to sea. Agripin volunteered to assist her in getting back to shore when the dog got lost.

Since Agripin could stand alone and the water was not too deep, Abby saddled up and rode back to shore. The owner of the little dog was amazed when Agripin pulled it out of the water.

The story of the rescue that was previously told is fantastic, however it is untrue! A few years ago, this picture and the story that went with it went viral on social media.

On, an animal lover stated that neither the horse nor the dog are blind, nor did they save it. The animal is called Brenda Lee, and the dog is named Lucy. They are great buddies and their closest friend is their father, Horses Know the Way Home's Brian Sean Reid. The photo was taken by equestrian photographer Jodie Sinclair. These are native American species, and the best of companions.

The stunning couple was swimming at the beach when Sinclair took a few pictures of them. Lucy seemed to Sinclair just as strong and confident as the young pup. She calls Lucy "the most courageous, independent, tireless tiny being I have ever encountered."

The Horses Know the Way Home Facebook group wondered, "How many lives could Brenda Lee and Lucy save together this summer if they worked together?" after witnessing the picture's widespread appeal. The two even arrange for buddy get-togethers!

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