74-Year-Old Woman Posts Inspiring Videos In Response To Comments That Her Outfits Are 'Not Age Appropriate'(video)

Some people still believe that women should adhere to the older norms imposed by society, despite the long overdue improvements in attitudes about women's clothing choices throughout the globe. Of course, it should be remembered that not everyone had the same upbringing or grew up in the same family. There are more considerations as well, such as religion or beliefs, that must be honored. However, women should not be denigrated only for their attire choices. Let a 74-year-old woman wear a bikini if she decides to do so because it makes her happy. Additionally, turning 74 is not a joke. She is deserving of every bit of joy there is, including the freedom to dress whatever she pleases without others looking down on her.

Colleen Heidemann, a 74-year-old Los Angeles resident who dreams of becoming a model, has gained millions of fans on TikTok for defying prejudices regarding both women and people her age. Simply put, she refuses to let her age or other characteristics be used to define her. There's no stopping Heidemann from reaching her life goals now that she's started modeling after signing with Next Management at the age of 69.

Heidemann approaches every situation with her best foot forward. She also practices wearing heels every morning to demonstrate that she deserves all she has since she takes modeling seriously.

They told her that you couldn't start working as a model until you were 70, she wrote in one of her practices. Who is now honing her heel step every morning?

However, some individuals don't like the way she dresses, particularly the heels she is wearing.

She wrote in response to her detractors, "You are in your 70s... Don't dress so young, and don't wear such high heels. Use the hashtag "wearwhatyouwant."

But she has published videos on TikTok where she can be seen wearing with confidence what most middle-aged women wear, including swimsuit, as an enthusiastic opponent of ageism, or being against stereotyping or discriminating against people or groups based on their age.

She gratefully put an end to the notion that it is "not age appropriate" for ladies her age to wear a swimsuit by generously sharing a video of herself in several styles of swimwear in June 2022:

She urged people to wear what made them feel attractive in the description of the video as the temperatures rose.

Many commenters expressed their inspiration each time they saw one of her videos.

"Queen. Every time I see you on this site, I am genuinely speechless. One individual commented, "I hope I have as much self-love and confidence one day. She then retaliated by saying, "What a truly nice thing to say. I'm grateful.

"You look fantastic! Keep donning what you adore, someone else exclaimed.

She may be seen wandering outside a high-end boutique in an all-black outfit in one of her previous TikTok videos from January 2023. Don't let them define you, the narrator on the video urged. We are powerful. We're not undetectable. I wear what I want to wear for my age.

Many individuals, including those her age, reacted on the video. We're reinventing what aging is. We are a youthful, gorgeous generation that is forging history. There is no upper age limit. One remark read, "#itscooltobeold.

What a motivating woman, in fact!

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