Couple Who Met On Blind Date Commemorate Eighty Years Of Marriage—'Still Holding Hands'(video)

Nancy and Eric Kingston, who are from Britain, have been married for 80 years, a feat few couples can claim. The date of their oak anniversary is June 1, 2020. They may perhaps be the longest-married couple in the UK. Once you hear their incredible story, it's very clear why the internet is so obsessed with these two.

Introducing The Kingston Family

These two are still deeply in love despite having been together for longer than the typical person lives. They continue to hold hands and kiss each other, according to Nancy. Eric is Nancy's senior by one year, and she will turn 100 in October.

They have spent the most of their adult life living independently in Blackford, Somerset, which is close to Wedmore. Stephen Kingston, one of their sons, resides with them. He claims that his parents are considerably younger than their actual age and stay current with everything that is happening in the globe. They "have strong, traditional family values," he notes. They have had a significant impact on both him and his judgments.

Unfortunately, the existing circumstances prevented them from having a huge and lavish anniversary celebration. Instead, the couple held a distant party in their lovely garden, inviting a few guests at a time.

They posed for photographs and presents while holding hands and exchanging a special kiss. However, Nancy and Eric had certain rules on who may attend and how close they could be. However, their family members were all quite upset that they were unable to participate more fully in the festivities. Dennis, the son, expressed regret that he and his family were unable to hug his parents.

Nancy first met Eric when she was barely 17 years old. 1938 was the year that King George VI ruled. She requested that her brother introduce her to Eric, a young man of 18. To let Eric know that Nancy was waiting for him on a nearby bridge, her brother made a trip to the farm where Eric worked. Nancy claims that once Eric arrived, things "went from there."

They were wed in a little chapel in 1940. Nancy remembered how her wedding was affected by rationing during the war. Her coupons paid for her wedding outfit and some new underwear. She carried pink flowers and had a navy hat, blue shoes, and a light blue outfit. At her grandmother's house, cake and sandwiches were served as the reception food. Eric remembers their wedding like this:

"I would do it all over again if I could."

After that, Nancy and Eric settled in Blackford, where they brought up five kids. These kids produced 11 grandchildren, 28 great grandkids, and 14 great-great grandchildren for them.

Eric's response to the question of their long-lasting happiness in marriage was to "love, a lot." Nancy concurred, stating that they were "still holding hands" and that their love had clearly been a passionate one. To memorialize the pair, their family intends to donate an oak bench to the Blackford church. There will also be a communal planting of an oak seedling.
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