Ed Sheeran Hears Fan Singing His Song At Mall And Pops In For Surprise Duet(video)

How wonderful a dream come true! He surprised her with an amazing duet when she was singing along to an Ed Sheeran song at the mall!

At the mall, this gifted fan was belting out a rendition of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" when another fan seized the stage!

But wait, it was Ed Sheeran himself, not just a fan.

He dove straight in as she continued to sing.

He started to harmonize with her as the song went on, creating a lovely and distinctive rendition of the well-known song.

Even though it was obvious that she was taken aback by his appearance, she gave an absolutely flawless performance.

Ed's admirers applauded him for letting the girl steal the show after being astounded by his unexpected duet.

As a musician, I have to admit that I thought it was really nice when he began harmonizing with her. One spectator said, "It made sure he stayed in her range and it highlighted her voice over his." "The entire performance was really elegant."

Another admirer expressed his admiration for the girl's composure and coolness!

They praised her for continuing without skipping a beat even after he joined in. I'm sure that all I would have done was jump up and down and squeal!

View the complete Ed Sheeran mall duet video below. It's just amazing!
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