Luke Bryan Goes Into “Dad Mode” And Changes Single Mom’s Tire On Side Of Road(video)

After reading about what happened lately on a country road near Columbia, Tennessee, you could start to develop feelings for country artist Luke Bryan! When Courtney Potts, a single mother, blew a tire while driving, her two little children were in the car. After she stopped on the side of a perilous curve in the road, a gray pickup truck approached from behind.

"As soon as I heard his voice, I got out and gave it a second look," Courtney said. He said, "Look, we really need to get you out of this road because I almost hit you," so I didn't even have time to process my astonishment.

Luke Bryan, who owns land nearby, was the owner of the voice. He discovered the stranded family while hunting with his sons Tate and Bo. Luke quickly assisted Courtney in finding her spare tire and dashed back to his truck to retrieve a functional jack. The famous person then proceeded to replace the tire while lying down on the pavement and muttered to himself that if this wasn't such a hazardous stretch of road, he would force his sons to assist.

Courtney said, "He's just a humble guy," and mentioned that the singer "went into dad mode" and appeared to be genuinely worried about their safety. He changed the tires in approximately thirty minutes, and he even posed for a photo after. Courtney was already a fan before this incident, but thereafter, she became an eternal super-fan!

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