Don’t Miss The Full Beaver Moon Tonight! How To See It(photo)

Does a full moon occur once a month? Indeed. Do I still look up at the stars every night in admiration? Of course. 

And tonight's guest is undoubtedly going to be no different. The full Beaver Moon is one of the many names for November's full moon.

The Farmer's Almanac claims that the reason for the moniker is that this specific full moon falls at the period when beavers are almost finished preparing for the winter. They are now heading inside their shelters, prepared for the upcoming long winter, having collected adequate food.

Would you want to see this cosmic spectacle with me? The stunning Beaver Moon will appear in the sky around 3:48 p.m. EST tonight and should be visible until 8:28 a.m. EST tomorrow morning. 

They will temporarily be seen at the same time since the sun will be setting a little early than two hours sooner. I'm not sure about you, but I adore it when it occurs!

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