When Nobody Was Looking Giraffes, Walked Over To Swimming Pool And Began Diving(video)

These giraffes possess some impressive talents. Nicolas Deveaux, a French director of Cube Creations, intended to demonstrate giraffes honing their high diving skills. 

He shared this amazing animation in 2013, and it is so well done that it almost seems genuine.

In what appears to be a competitive swimming pool, the giraffes enter in a line and proceed to the high dive. 

Then, one giraffe hangs from the ceiling to help others with their dives as they alternately do stunning flips and dives in the water. Animals serve as the major topic of Nicolas Deveaux's films, and he frequently depicts them engaging in amusing human activities.

Twitter users have lauded the movie as "Amazing!" and an extraordinarily great piece of art.

On his website, the Paris-based director has over 2,000 fans who like his eccentric cartoons.
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