Family’s Golden Retriever Instantly Adopts New Infants As His Own(video)

The golden retriever Buddy was formerly the home baby, but he's now been promoted to babysitter. We must admit, he's doing a fantastic job! In a lovely YouTube video, the Matthews family—better known on social media as Life with Malamutes—selected some of Buddy's cutest moments with their children. 

The video chronicles the puppy's initial visit and Nathan's birth, demonstrating the extent of this dog's love and devotion to his "kids" throughout the years. The family's puppies and this golden retriever have an unfathomably close attachment.

Buddy is not officially a resident of the Matthews home. They clarified that the golden retriever is owned by a different cousin in an Instagram post. Still, the dog still behaves as if Nathan and Amelia, his elder sister, were his own!

The family's newborn and the golden retriever's friendship simply goes to show how unconditional love is. While many pets develop strong attachments to newborns in their own homes, this dog is the baby's "uncle" and yet they have a unique affinity!

See the sweet bond form between these youngsters and their four-legged buddy in the video below.
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