6 Young Men With Down Syndrome Adopted Together: “Everyone Deserves A Family.”(4 photos)

"Everyone Deserves a Family" is the perfect response to questions regarding their adopted children. Unconditional love is Shannon and Troy Pinkerton's blessing in life. Their adoptive sons offer it to them and receive tenfold in return. The six adoptive sons that the Pinkertons are the joyful parents of each have Down syndrome.

Shannon's parents operated a group home for kids with special needs, so she is accustomed to assisting others. Joey was adopted by the Pinkertons in 2009, marking the start of their adventure. Their now 23-year-old son, Cody, wanted them to adopt him when Joey was eleven years old. Five more teenagers and young adults with Down syndrome have been adopted by the Pinkertons since they established their home. Now that their four biological children have grown up, numerous grandkids have joined them, bringing even more unwavering love to the mix!

Adopting a kid with special needs is a lifetime commitment. Your adopted kids don't grow up, get married, and have fulfilling lives on their own. Shannon and Troy were ready for that commitment when they welcomed Joey (age 23), Julian (20), Devlin (18), Cameron (age 23), Anthony (age 25), and Tracee (age 28) into their family. They have had Joey under their adoption for 15 years. Several of the boys suffer from non-verbal autism and dwarfism in addition to Down syndrome.

On the ranch, the lads have a busy and exciting existence. They enjoy themselves well and assist with tasks. Shannon uses Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to document their travels. The unwavering love this family has for one another is evident both by sight and sound!

At a ranch, the job never ends. Every boy has tasks that are doable for them. Devlin assists, for instance, with feeding the horses.

Despite having eye problems, Cam is an excellent egg handler.

There is also, of course, school.

Not everything is work and no play. Together, the Pinkerton Boys have experienced several adventures. The Great Wolf Lodge was a huge hit with them. Every year, the family also takes a glamping trip—a fancy version of camping. Follow the Pinkerton Boys on any of their social media platforms to remain up to speed on this tale of unwavering love. Why not tell your friends about this story? Because "Everyone Deserves a Family."

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